Friday, July 6, 2012

Brayer Rubbings with Weeds

In addition to working on the yellow challenge fabric and fabrics for the hamsa piece, I decided to continue with fabrics for the Weed Maps.

I went out into the weed garden and found a vine with large leaves. My make at least one piece of fabric using these leaves to do brayer rubbings. A while back, I started experimenting with What Ifing with the weeds and brayer rubbings was one of the techniques that proved to be quite successful.

I arranged the leaves under the fabric with the more textured (veiny) back sides facing up. With my foam brayer, I rolled Pebeo Setacolor Opaque Fabric Paint over the top of the fabric using different colors to pick up the texture of the leaves.

I did two lengths of fabric. In the first one, I applied the paint too thick in some areas. I'm going to paint a dark color wash over that piece.

The second piece was more successful.

I plan to do more pieces using different weeds. I want to build a stash of these fabrics so I have lots of choices and possibilities for the final art pieces.


  1. Love the results you got with this. Will enjoy seeing them turn up in other projects.

    1. Thanks, Jo. I'm having a lot of fun! Planning to make many large sample fabrics using different weeds so I'll have lots to choose from once fall comes.

  2. Replies
    1. Hey thanks! How was your trip across the pond?
      Hope it's a lot cooler in London. We're going to be in the 100s today also code red...Ugh...summer in DC.
      Off to teach my wrapped doll, Jazzy today.