Sunday, July 8, 2012

Painting Fabrics: A Bit of This and That

So far, this weekend in the studio has been a bit of this and that. Deadlines for projects and preparations for classes are looming.

Last week I picked up a box of donated cotton fabrics for use in my upcoming sessions of Fiber Camp. I'll be teaching my Wrapped Wire Animals. I decided to jazz up some of the plain solids with some fabric painting and bound resist techniques. On some I twisted tufts of fabric and wrapped them with rubber bands on others I did a knotted resist. Some I just painted with designs or dribbled paint.

Although it was fun to lay them all out and admire what I'd done, each of these fabrics will now be cut into 1/2" strips to be wrapped around the padded animal armatures. The camp session is Wednesday so I'm sure I'll have some photos to share of the animals created with these fabrics.

Yesterday, I also decided to paint some color washes over one of the weed fabrics (I left the more successful weed rubbing piece as is with the white background). Here are some photos of how it looks.

Closeup detail of weed fabric
I am debated about leaving it as is or over printing with smaller leaves from the same plant.

Today's focus will be cutting fabric strips and working on the hamsa piece.

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