Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Cape Cod Memories 2016

A rock from the Kindness Rock Project on the hike to Great Island.

Just back from two weeks at Cape Cod which I spent with my Mom and brothers and significant others, family and friends. Great times and even some art!

My Mom and I were greeted the first night by a gorgeous sunset.

We walked beaches...

Picked up stones (I have some plans swirling in my head about those!)...

Judy, Ivy and Kai made stone cairns.

Went on nature walks...

Walk to Great Island.

Walk to Great Island.
Rode boogie boards (even my 84-year-old Mom!), ate great food...

Played games (Bananagrams was a favorite!) and worked on the annual art project...

Poppy painting over resist.
Some painted backgrounds.
Kai and Poppy working on their book pages.
Printing with blocks.
Printed "pages".
 Here are a couple of photos from one of the books that my Mom finished...

I'll post some additional photos of finished books in another post.

We had a great time...I felt so close to nature...especially when the local coyotes were howling!