Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Boro-Style Fun in June & July: Online Workshops with Julie


Boro-style Bag Project (large bag).

Update May 26, 2022: Here are the June and July workshops that are running. Please read project descriptions below for more information. If you'd like to register, you can contact me at: Threadborn@gmail.com. Cost of each workshop is $65.

June 15 & 22 (6:30-9): Boro-Style Bag
June 18 (1 PM-6:30 PM includes half hour lunch break): Boro-Style Bag
July 6 & 7 (10 AM-12:30 PM): Boro-Style Bag
July 26 & 27 (6:30-9 PM) Itty Bitty Boro Book

Looking for some creative projects to keep you busy and stitching over the summer? I hope that you'll join me on Zoom in June and/or July for a choice of two Boro-style stitching projects: My popular Itty Bitty Boro Book and for the first time on Zoom...my Boro-Style Bag. With both projects you'll enjoy the meditative flow of the Running stitch, build patterns from intersecting stitching and beautiful textural surfaces while creating something special for yourself or to share.

Working on the closure for the Itty Bitty Boro Book.

Large Boro-Style Bag in Traditional Indigos


This time I'll be offering optional project kits. You can choose between a Bare Bones option where you will supply your own fabric scraps or a Full Kit option where I supply you with everything except for thread. Contact me for color palettes. Kits must be ordered at least two weeks before the class is scheduled. 

Email me at threadborn@gmail.com for more particulars such as how to pay, supply lists and handouts.

The workshops will be recorded and students will have access to the recording for a month.


Itty Bitty Boro Books
Design a small format (3"square), accordion-style cloth book using special fabric scraps from your own collection (or select a kit option). Arrange your scraps on wool felt square pages and embellish with Sashiko-style Running stitch patterns for a beautiful and rustic 2-sided book.
Two kit options: Bare Bones: Wool felt squares, ribbon, and #3 needle $10 plus shipping. Full Kit: Bare Bones plus assorted fabric scraps, painted cheesecloth and 2 buttons for closures $20 plus shipping.

One of two sides of the book.

Two of the small size bags.
Design a beautiful hand-stitched Boro-style bag from special fabric scraps. Enhance your bag with patterns and details using variations of the Running stitch. Add a closure and lining. Learn a twining technique for creating trim and a strap.
Kit comes in two sizes: Small (3.5" x 14.5") and Large (4.5"-5" x 18" cellphone size). Bare Bones: Wool felt base, tulle, button, #3 needle. Small $10, Large $12 plus shipping. Full kit: Bare Bones plus fabric scraps, lining fabric, yarns for trim and strap. Small $25, Large $35 plus shipping.

Large Boro Bag in Earthy tones.

Thanks and hope to see you in class!-- Julie