Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Hand Stitching (Fall 2017) Part 2

Susan S: A line can be...feathery!
This is the second of two blog posts about my Fall Hand Stitching class. To see the first post...go here. The class focused on using a selection of hand stitches in unique ways...learning to stretch! Themes covered included: line, pattern and rhythm, texture and layers. First time students worked in a limited palette. Students painted and printed their own fabrics to use in class.

Susan S.: Line Challenge
Susan S.: Layers Challenge
Susan S.: Surface Darning sampler
Susan S.: Line Sampler
Susan S.: Line Sampler with beads.
Susan S.: Layers and Textures
Susan S.: Layers and Lines.
Susan S.: Layers and Textures.
Susan S.: Pattern Challenge
Susan S.: Pattern Challenge
Susan S.: Combining it all!
I also had two continuing students who took the class as an independent study. Jan B. referenced photos from a summer trip with family to Yellowstone and the Tetons. Susan G. continued work on her Healing Cloths that are "portraits" of family members.

Jan B.
Jan B.
Jan B.
Jan B.: Buffalo made for handmade paper.
Jan B.
Jan B.
Jan B.
Susan G.: Healing cloth
Susan G.: Healing cloth
Seeing results like these reminds me of why I love to teach!!

I'm teaching a fast track version of this class this weekend called Jumpstart in Hand Stitching. Leave a comment if you'd like more information!

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Hand Stitching (Fall 2017) Part 1

Judith K.-P.: Textures Challenge

New Year's resolution...get back to posting more frequently! Somehow December slipped away...due to lots of creative activity on my part (and multiple craft, home and trunk shows!).

I want to share here (and in tomorrow's blog post) some of the work created in the Fall 2017 Hand Stitching class. This multi-session class focused on a selection of basic stitches. Students worked on journal prompts, stitch samplers and stitching challenges focusing on weekly themes: line, pattern and rhythm, texture, layers and the construction of a book or hanging. I also had two returning students who used the class as an independent study. Such a rich treasure trove of work!

Linda H. : Line Sampler
Linda H: Looped Stitch Sampler
Linda H.: Layers Sampler
Barbara C: Line Sampler
Barbara C: Line Sampler detail
Barbara C.: Layers challenge
Barbara C.: Wall hanging final project
Barbara C. Wall hanging detail
Barbara C.: Wall hanging detail
Judith K.-P.: Line Challenge
Judith K.-P.: Texture Challenge
Judith K.-P.: Pattern/Rhythm Challenge
Judith K.-P.: Texture Challenge
Judith K.-P.: Layers Challenge
Judith K.-P.: Layers Challenge
Judith K.-P.: Layers Challenge
Judith K.-P.: Working on final project
I will be teaching a fast-track version of this class as a workshop this coming weekend. It's called Jumpstart in Hand Stitching. There are still spaces available. Leave a message if you'd like more information.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Salon Sixty: The Artwork

Well, maybe the new 40!--Jan B.: Julie is Turning Sixty!: Liquid soap resist and serendipitous couching..hidden star and JB initials
Here are the fabulous pieces created by my students (and now, friends) for the art show at Salon 60th birthday celebration held at Artistic Artifacts. I was just astounded! Thank you all... for making my celebration so special!
Jan B.: Jan said she was inspired by Christina Kim's amulets from the Scraps! exhibit. There is a little hidden surprise...
Jan B.: SURPRISE!! Love it!
Alice A.: I fell in love with this little bull motif when Alice designed it in the Story Cloth Memories class.
Alice A.: The perfectly stitched back side!
Alice H.: Waves and Ripples: Alice is known for her beautiful stitch-resist shibori. So pleased to have a piece!
Ann L.: This lovely portrait is hand stitched on a sheer fabric. The shadows are wonderful!
Ann Z.: Fantasy Garden: Tiny stitched details and reverse applique on hand painted fabrics...just yummy!
Cheryl C. : Just a Number: Cheryl writes, I tried to blur the figure/ground relationship of the numbers and the background. Is the number figure or ground? This felt appropriate as a representation of a new decade, full of potential and meaning as yet unknown. Such a stitching feat and so like Cheryl...producing the design using architectural software and then hand stitching.

Chris V. : Hand dyed wool and silk with stitched and crocheted elements. I love the richness of colors in this piece and the sense of a gathering of friends.

 Erika C.: Charmed Circle: The Sisterhood of Women. Erika writes, This is about our small group of women--the mastermind, but also about all women, especially the community of fiber artists who support each other. Thank you Erika for your support in both communities...especially the Mastermind...I cherish that!
Grace M.: Not My Mother's Hand-Stitching: Grace writes, I focus on one stitch, and then the next. Movement, staccato, a pattern emerges. I find myself pleasantly surprised as it comes together. I love the progression of more and more dense stitches.
Imani R: Luscious colors and Boro stitching. So soft to the touch!
Jessica B.: Moonlight: Jessica writes, Moonlight is a riff on looking out a window late at night while working on an art piece. Spirals and vectors or navigational marks seemed inevitable. I anchored them with black beads (stars perhaps) to guide you. Jessica also did a bit of recycling/reusing... using the plastic backing from Velcro strips as interfacing...adding a sound element to the piece! So inventive and wonderful!
Jodie F.: I would know Jodie's work anywhere! I love how she builds up her patterns from tiny stitched elements.
Judith K-P: Abstract Color Puzzle: Judith writes, Based on a original hooked rug design, I rescaled the pattern for stitching. Organic shapes, warm colors and playful stitches were inspirational. This piece reminds me of Judith...the traveler...inspired by the colors and textures of faraway places!

Judy G.: It began with an Elephant, Julies' Elephant... and it grew! Hand printed (with some of the wonderful blocks Judy sells at Artistic Artifacts), collaged and free-style stitched! Loving all that texture!
Judy M.: Tapawingo Nature. Gelatin printing, collage and stitching. Judy has a knack for jumping off from her hand printed and painted fabrics to create stitched stories and memories.
Karen M.: Karen writes, Stitch meditation inspired by Hazel Monte! It might be inspired by Hazel, but the colors and exuberance are all you, Karen!
Laurie T.: Everything from Here. This precious little book is full of pages that are marks and meditations on the number 60. Thank you for this and your lovely letter!

Linda M. 60 for Julie: Linda designed this as a two-sided piece. Can you find the hidden number 60s in it? So richly stitched..LOVE!
Linda M.: The other side is revealed through a window...ingenious!
Maria S.: Storm. Love how the stitches are embedded in the cheesecloth and the movement of the stitches. Waiting to hear the story behind this piece.
Mary Louise M.: pop-up flower pods, puffy lily pads, bubbling circles, and spinning dancers. Mary's work often features organic forms and natural marks. She made this piece in my Hand Stitching Continued class this past spring...just love it!
Susan G.: Susan's been making a series of family portraits using the symbolism of the circle. I am honored to now have my own joyful portrait!
Susan P.: I love this special little black and white piece, jumping off from the hand printed background. Enjoying all the little details, such as the variegated thread couching down the ribbon on the left.
Susan S.: Wishing Star for Julie. Susan writes, This is my wishing start for Julie's 60th Salon Party--so all her wishes will come true. Add sparkles, because everyone 60 plus needs a few. She can also swing on a few small stars! So excited to own one of Susan's wishing stars!
Susan S.: Here is the back side of the piece. And inside the envelope a written card with beautiful thoughts and wishes!
Willa D.: Flower Study. A beautiful collage ...I'm reminded of lotus flowers blooming in water and the reflections.
Some other gifts too...
Susan Sh.: Susan took photos of me stitching and created this amazing pencil drawing..a real treasure!
Marine W. : Marine designed and created this lovely clutch just for me!
Peggy G.: Peggy gifted me this bundle of fabrics and fibers straight from her trip to Japan! I was drooling!