Monday, July 16, 2012

Hamsa Redux: Eeking Out Progress and Other Thoughts

I was in a hurry this morning to take photos of my progress on the hamsa piece. I had to work at the bead shop yesterday to fill in for another person. There was some aggravation involved in giving up one of my weekend days, when I'd rather be in the studio stitching. I did manage to get some work done when I got home and eeked out a bit of progress on the piece.

This morning, I read an inspiring article in the Washington Post, about a man who works for the Metro (our mass transit system). He spends his days at Metro's printing plant where he is in charge of running the machines that print out thousands of pocket guides and maps as well as packing them up for distribution through out the Metro system. It seems like a monotonous job...I know it would seem that way to me. But this man, Aurelio Bello, an immigrant from Cuba, spends his time singing as he works and writing poetry during his breaks.

He is 87 years old (young).

When asked, Why don't you retire? He replies:
I tell them I am not working for the money. I am working because I feel useful. And not only that-- at my age I need to exercise my muscles and my mind. I can't sit in a chair at home, waiting for death. 

This story really hit home for me. I am watching my parents and in-laws age. I am very aware of the transitions that are happening. There are health issues both mental and physical.

I am also aware of how important it is to have some form of creativity in one's life...making the time to write a poem, to pick up a needle and thread and do a bit of stitching...

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