Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Junko Oki: Poesy

Today, I received a special package. I was very excited to receive it so quickly, as it was sent from Japan.

I enjoy unwrapping it slowly. Observing the little details of the packaging...the textured corrugated paper...the simple rice paper wrapping with red and white striped string...the card thanking me for my order.

I find a small unassuming yellow book...

Inside this book...the images  speak like poetry.

It is the work of fiber artist, Junko Oki. The book is called, poesy--another day another walk.

I've only just heard of Junko. I saw some images of her work on Pinterest and was instantly curious.

I Googled her name and when I found out about her book, poesy, I knew I had to have a copy.

Junko was quick to reply and so happy to send me a copy.

Here are a few images from Junko's book and a translation of her words explaining why she works.

Thank you, Junko!

 From Junko Oki's site:
 July 2011, I published my collection of works [poesy].
This is an excerpt from the afterword.
I have always dreamed of becoming a poet.
It is still my dearest wish.
Upon seeing one of my works one woman had tears in her eyes.
I had never come upon such a scene before.
What had made her cry?
“That is the power of poetry,” said a wise friend.
“You have become a poet”
When I have needles, threads, and other special materials in front of me, something stirs deep inside my unconscious mind in spite of myself,
and I am filled with strong emotion.
That is when I regain my true self.
When I was afraid to move forward,
I came upon a book of paintings by Antoni Tapies.
When I chant his name, I feel fully armored, even with a dagger in my belt.
In an instance I know clearly which way to go and I will my legs to move forward.
The joy of meeting and the sorrow of separation
have given me strength and courage.
Another day, another walk, I will resume my steps.
I will always be myself as a willow tree is true to its nature.
I will make today another good day.
July 2011
Junko Oki
translationed by Toshiaki Komuro
This book can be purchased easily through pay pal.
contact:Junko Oki


  1. Oh! I want one too! Discovered her work/blog a little while ago, but wasn't aware of the book. Need to order it once we're home.

    1. She was very gracious and so quick to get the book out to me. It only took 4 days to get here! I was happy to discover her and I think you will enjoy the book. Can't wait to see tomorrow's post from you...it's been fun to see London through your eyes!

  2. hi julie - so funny that i found you in my searching about junko oki! so glad you got the book!