Monday, June 30, 2014

Virgina Beach Getaway Part 2: Crezia Covington Reed Lotus Garden

Crezia Covington Reed Lotus Garden was an unexpected treasure on our drive to and from Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge.

We stopped on our way back to take a closer look. It had gently rained during our nature walk in the refuge with delightful consequences in this garden! Enjoy!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Virginia Beach Getaway Part I

The sun setting on my final night. Just a quick walk down the street from Laura and Brian's.

Last weekend, I made my annual trek to Virginia Beach to visit my good friend, Laura.

Laura and Brian's is my home away from home. Whenever I visit I know I'll have good times, good talks, nature walks and get the chance to dip my toes (and this time, my whole self) into the ocean and/or bay.

American Lotus flowers from the Crezia Covington Reed Lotus Garden. An amazing sight and one worthy of its own post...stay tuned!
While on a five mile trek in the local park discovered this little guy.

I also get to check out Brian's vegetable garden. Each year it gets a bit larger and more impressive. I love getting a tour from the head gardener himself!

Brian in his ever-impressive vegetable garden.
Corn silk. Brian described the sex life of a corn plant...really pretty fascinating!
One of this year's tomato varieties sounded a lot like my name. Here I am posing with my tomatoes.

Laura always cooks up something delicious using some of the garden veggies. This time, it was a dish featuring roasted eggplant, tomatoes, onions, and garlic with raisins, cinnamon and a dash of hot pepper. YUM!!

Eggplants from Brian's garden before being chopped up for a delicious dish.

I had a special companion traveling with me this trip. I brought along, Bedeliah Boop (Betty's favorite aunt). I made Bedeliah over 20 years ago when I first started making dolls. The pattern I used was designed by my friend, Andrea Perkins. Bedeliah was one of a few dolls in which I completely stitched the face, in this case using stem and satin stitches. I remember her being a favorite of Laura's from years back (Laura even wrote a poem about her). I decided that it was time for Bedeliah to retire and in no better place than Virginia Beach with Laura!

Bedeliah posing with a bouquet from Laura's flower garden.
Close-up of Bedeliah's face...all hand stitched!

Thanks dear friend for inviting me to visit and being such a warm and wonderful host!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Artful Animals: The Art League Summer Camp 2014


Yesterday, I taught at The Art League summer camp.

Lots of enthusiasm! Many colorful creatures appeared by the end of the session. Here they are...

Red Cat
Rainbow Zebra
Howling One-eared Wolf
Rainbow Turtle
Rainbow Dog
Graceful Giraffe
Playful Puppy
Blue Horse
Rainbow Giraffe in Process
Long Dog
Green Turtle

I'm sorry I missed getting shots of an amazing shark, a colorful tiger and another howling wolf.

Thanks campers!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Searching for Roy G Biv III: Indigo Update #3

INDIGO---the most elusive of colors. I was back to the photo archives for this month's Search for Roy G Biv (the colors of the rainbow).

The Search led me back to some past posts...

I got to drool over beads from The Bead Goes On.

I remembered a walk down to the local Vienna, VA farmers' market last summer.

I was reminded of my industrious December 2012 when I  Furoshiki-wrapped gifts for all my family and friends.

And healing a pair of jeans that led me on the path to my Healing Cloth class.

I guess INDIGO wasn't as elusive as I thought!

If you'd like to play along in the Search for INDIGO this month just post up to five photos on your blog between today and Saturday and leave a comment here or on Jennifer Coyne Qudeen's blog. We will link to your post. I'll be updating as I receive comments. Have fun!

Jennifer is intrigued by INDIGO. Love Ellie and Grace's Roy G Biv!
Fiona at Paper Ponderings has a lovely INDIGO cyanotype and is pondering dichotomies.
Maya at Million Little Stitches discovered some INDIGO tiles and Google doodles for the World Cup.
Susan at Flying Dog Studio has some neighborhood INDIGO (Pogo's soooo cute!).
Jill at Recycled Daze has some local (and artistic) INDIGO.
Yarngoddess is mixing up some INDIGO over on her blog!
Mary Ann at Blue Sky Dreaming has some artistic INDIGOS.

Margaret at Charlton Stitcher has some architectural INDIGOS.

I'm off to Virginia Beach to see my friend Laura for a long Solstice weekend. I look forward to seeing more INDIGO treasures when I return!

A late entry from Lisa at arzigogolare...a bit of INDIGO from Florence and the U.S. west coast.

Here are future Roy G Biv dates and colors:
July 17: Violet
August 21: Pink
September 18: Black
October 16: White
November 20: Brown
December 18: Blogger's Choice

Monday, June 16, 2014

Roy Reminder: Ever-Ellusive Indigo

A Roy G Biv of floral colors from the Staunton, VA farmers' market.

Here's your reminder that we are playing Roy (as in Roy G Biv the colors of the rainbow) this Thursday, June 19th. This month it's INDIGO. This is always the hardest color for me to locate in my Search. We'll see what I can cobble together.

If you'd like to play along on Thursday, post up to 5 INDIGO photos on your blog and leave a comment here or on Jennifer Coyne Qudeen's blog. We'll link to your post as well as others for a colorful blog hop!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Fabrics with a Latin Twist

This past Sunday, I taught my Latin American Influences: Textile Inspirations class. It was a small group but we covered a lot of ground in six hours.

One student, Michelle C., collects Latin American textiles. She was nice enough to bring in a few pieces. I always love it when I get the chance to see new textile works from this part of the world. They are SO colorful and the motifs (such as the small birds) are so cheery in their simplicity.

This was Michelle's first experience carving blocks and printing fabric. She definitely has a knack as well as a feel for color.

My other student, Marilyn D., is a returning student. It was a pleasure to have her in class again. I just love the incised foam flower block and the scaredy cat!

Thanks for a fun day!

Monday, June 2, 2014

The Printed Fabric Bee Fabric Giveaway: Typography

Lisa Chin was the Queen Bee this month. As Queen she decreed that the Hive design fabrics with a typography theme.

I decided to work with a simple XOXOXOXO (or Hugs and Kisses) design.

After painting the fabric Lisa's favorite color turquoise, I added a bit of background texture by stenciling through a doily with white paint.

I drew my XOXOXOXO design with hot glue on corrugated cardboard.

I slipped this block under the fabric and rolled over it with a blue-grey paint (texture rubbing).

To add a bit of whimsy and contrasting color I drew small red hearts in the Os with a permanent marker.

Here is the final fabric.

And here is the 6" fabric square that you can win as part of The Printed Fabric Bee fabric giveaway this month.

Here is the collection of 9 fabrics created by The Bee that a lucky winner will receive. All you have to do to be eligible is to leave a comment on either The Printed Fabric Bee Blog or Lisa Chin's blog. The winner will be announced on Friday, June 13. Good luck!!