Friday, June 29, 2012

Grids and Weeds

 After my visit with M on Wednesday, I was motivated to get back to working with the weeds.

Last weekend, I picked up some supplies from Home Depot that looked like grids. Since my theme is weed maps, I thought it would be interesting to create some art pieces using grids.

First I did a couple of test samples.

Then I moved onto a larger piece of fabric. My first grid was chicken wire fencing. I used it as a stencil and applied Pebeo Setacolor Opaque Fabric Paint with a foam dauber.

I then used Hardware Cloth and deer fencing as stencils to create more grids with different paint colors.

I applied washes of diluted Pebeo Setacolor Transparent Fabric Paint over the fabric.

After the color washes dried, I collected some dandelion leaves. I applied Opaque paint to the backs of the leaves with a foam dauber and printed the fabric.

I'm happy with this piece of fabric. I plan to do some more.

Detail of Dandelion and Grid fabric

I can imagine that final art pieces will be combinations of several fabrics.


  1. I was thinking what fu you'd had and that the photos were cool and then I got to that last shot....oh! Simply wonderful!

    1. Thanks. I was motivated by you and Pam and my friend M. M reminded me that the weeds won't be around forever and that I better get printing!

      I think I really needed to have grids. I guess they are grounding.

      And then I thought it might be a great contrast to have other fabrics in which the weeds are doing their own thing.

      There seems to be potential here.

      So I am taking your advice and working bigger but more importantly, taking your example and plan to make lots of fabric while I still have weeds!!!