Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Colorful Creatures from Fiber Camp

Colorful Turtle

I spent this morning teaching at The Art League School's Fiber Camp. I teach a couple of sessions at the camp each year. My most popular class project is Wrapped Wire Animals.

The origin of my Wrapped Wire Animals class was the result of teaching another art project at The Art League Summer Camp years wrapped wire doll.

I noticed that a number of the students after completing the doll, decided to create an animal (usually a dog) for the doll to play with. That was the spark of the idea, combined with my love of the carved and brightly painted wooden sculptures of animals from Oaxaca, Mexico. Over the years, I've worked out the armatures for a number of animals with the hopes of someday turning this project into a book.

Here is what the students created today.

Frog with sword
Yellow Horse
Purple Elephant
Red Rabbit
Purple Bird
Colorful Turtle
Purple Zebra


  1. What fun... they are all so funky!!

    1. Thanks Jo..I always get a kick out of what the kids do. And I also love to see how they interact (play) with their creatures when they are finished.