Monday, August 9, 2021

Julie's Fall 2021 Online Classes at The Art League School

Roberta A: Hot Springs (Color Connections assignment)

Registration for Fall online classes through The Art League School has already started! I'm pleased to announce that I'll be teaching two five-session hand stitching classes this fall. Both classes start on Wednesday, September 22 and run for 5 consecutive Wednesdays. The morning class (10:00 AM- 12:30 PM) this semester is Connecting to Memories: The Stitched Word. The evening class is my beginning Hand Stitching class (7:00-9:00 PM). Times are Eastern USA time.

In Connecting to Memories: The Stitched Word, I provide weekly journal prompts or exercises with  memory-related themes. Challenges focus on how these memories can be expressed in words using a selection of stitching techniques. The result is a series of expressive artworks reflecting student's memories. Below is a small selection of works created by students in the Winter 2021 class.

Themes covered include:
Color Connections
Gail S.: Lollipop Pink

Judy P: Grass is Greener

Amy B.: Blue

Family Saying or Motto
Myania M.: Shpatta

Sheila B.: Mr. Nobody Do?
Memories of a Special Place
Camilla C.: Pittsburgh

Amy B.: My Bed

Roberta A: Theater of Epidaurus Greece

Memories of a Touchstone Object
Judy J.: Enough

Students also have the opportunity to work on an ongoing (larger) project that can take the form of a Stitched Journal or working with family linens or other personal textiles.

Judy J.

Judy P.: Journal

Students will learn some finishing techniques and have the option of turning their pieces into an accordion-style book.

Judy C.: Book pages

Judy C.: Book

This class is open to all levels, though a knowledge of basic hand stitches is helpful,

Hand Stitching is my beginning level stitching class...though it is challenging enough to hold the attention of more advanced stitching students. I take a very experimental approach to basic hand stitches exploring their immense potential. Each week, the class will focus on a different theme. Students will learn stitches related to that theme. Students will create a stitch sampler during class time followed by homework, including journal prompts and a choice of interesting stitching challenges as a way to stretch creatively. Below is a small selection of student work from the Fall 2020 class:

Vicky K.

Deborah M.

Pattern and Rhythm
Melinda L.

Vicky K

Karen R.

Kaaren C.

Julie M.

Rebecca S.

Sandy R.

Stephanie K.

Final Project
Sandy R.

Melinda L.

I hope you will consider joining me online this Fall for one (or both!) of these classes. Follow the highlighted links to register through The Art League School. I offer materials kits and supply lists for both classes. If  you have questions, feel free to email me at Thank you!