Thursday, July 19, 2012

Searching for Roy G Biv Challenge: YELLOW

Banana Glow
Banana Portrait
Still Life with Lemons (this one is for you, Laura B. L.)
Yellow Tiger
Used Tires
Yellow Hibiscus (the photo that started it all!)
Yellow Challenge Fabric (Carved blocks and block made from toothpicks). You are eligible to win this if you play along!
It's that time of month again! Hope you had a successful search for YELLOW.

To play along, just post up to five YELLOW photos on your blog, website or Flickr page and leave a comment here. I will continue to update this post throughout the day with a link to your photos. If you do not have a blog, website or Flickr page and still wish to play along, I will be happy to post your photos. Leave a comment with your email address and I will be in touch.

The Challenge will continue until midnight, Saturday, July 21 Eastern Time USA. Drawing for the Yellow Challenge Fabric will be on Sunday, July 22.

Be sure to check out Jennifer's blog for more YELLOW.

Looking forward to seeing lots of YELLOW today!

Some YELLOW from my friend Joan S. Thanks for playing, Joan.
Apologies for some of the photo orientations, they don't seem to want to cooperate with techno-savvy-less me!


  1. Oh! What fun! Love the banana portraits! There's another challenge lurking in there...use only the fruit of vegetables from our kitchens to compose still lifes. Hmmm...need to ponder that one a bit.

    I have to admit that my favorite is the used tires. So random and such a surprise midst all the fruit and flowers.

    1. The Used Tires is my favorite as well. I was so thrilled to find it, just up the street at my local gas station.

      My other favorite is "Banana Glow".

      I do like the still life idea...perhaps after Roy is complete.

  2. What lovely, sunny images, Julie - I especially like the leopard spots & composition of 'Banana Portrait'.

    I finally got some images posted today:

    And - great news/timing - your beautiful fabric, 'Oranges', arrived! I just love the colors you chose, and the pattern - thank you so much!

    - Lisa

    P.S. Joan's sunflower petals look velvet-soft, and so delicate - very 'July'!

  3. Hi Lisa-
    Happy to hear that the fabric arrived. Love your different from the ones here...very "earthy". Thanks for "plugging" August "green". Hope we have a few more takers next time.