Sunday, June 28, 2015

June Stitch-In!

Ann Z.

Just three of us at the Stitch-In today. It seems no matter what the size of the group, it is always a great exchange of ideas and thoughtful conversation.

Cheryl C. had a great idea for what to do when you need to step back from a piece to really "see" it.

Cheryl C.: Printed photo upper right, tracing upper left, Healing Cloth bottom center.

She took a photo with her I-Phone and then printed it (she said that she probably could have scanned her piece instead). Then Cheryl used tracing paper over the print out to draw stitching guidelines. Instead of transferring them directly to her piece, Cheryl decided to use the tracing as a guide and to freehand draw the stitching lines with a marking pencil.

Cheryl made a lot of progress and stitched these details in during our get-together.

Cheryl C.

Ann Z. is just about finished with the cat piece. Here is the piece so far (and see above for a detail shot).

Ann Z.

Ann also worked on the little dog piece today. She's planning to get these two done in the next few weeks before she heads to Texas to finally meet her granddaughter's foster children and give these pieces to them as gifts.

Ann Z.

I've been having a hard time "settling" on a stitched piece these days. I started working on a piece when I was down in Virginia Beach (more about that trip soon). But decided to bring along the handkerchiefs to see if I could finally get going on some pieces about my Dad. I did a bit of stitching (sorry no photos yet) white on white. I spent some time talking about my Dad and we all exchanged some interesting and funny family stories.

Thanks Cheryl and Ann for a fun and engaging afternoon. I'm looking forward to next month!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Off to VA Beach....

Laura and me during our time together in 2014.

Heading to Virginia Beach today for my annual "girlfriend" getaway! Laura and I have lots planned...including a bit of stitching... Looking forward to walks on the beach and exploring some place new. I'll report back when I return...Enjoy your week!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Searching for Roy G Biv #4: INDIGO Update #5

Ceramic dish
Hi all- a late start today in getting this post out.

For some reason INDIGO is always a bit problematic for me. I scrounged around a bit to find what I consider to be INDIGO. Hope you are all having better luck!

My favorite kimono style jacket..inside and out!
The Equinox Cloth in process
Detail from the Equinox Cloth
Tunic from the Unraveling Identity exhibit at the Textile Museum in Washington DC

If you are scratching your is the next installment in the Search for Roy G Biv (the colors of the rainbow). If you'd like to play up to five INDIGO (your interpretation) photos on your blog and leave a comment here or on Jennifer Coyne Qudeen's blog. We'll then link to your post. It's always so much fun to see what everyone discovers on their search so I hope you will join in.

I'll continue to update through Saturday, June you do have a bit of time to get your photos together.

Fiona at Paper Ponderings has a beautiful quote about the "in-between time" of dusk and a lovely photo of a rich  INDIGO sea.

Mary Ann at Blue Sky Dreaming has some 3 in 1 INDIGO!

Sharmon Davidson has a wonderful "chart" and description of elusive INDIGO! Her artistic examples are exquisite!

Susan and Elizabeth at PG Fiber2Art have some gorgeous INDIGO shibori examples from their play day of dyeing.

Margaret at Charleston Stitcher has inspirational INDIGOS!

Cathy at Bucolic Dreaming looked to the skies for her INDIGO.

Fran at At the End of the Day found some arty INDIGOS.

Maya Matthew of Take Diversion loves INDIGO so much that it's the color of her front door!

Sacre Bleu! Roxanne Lasky at Ideas in Cloth is really getting her hands into her INDIGO this month!

Linda Stokes has two gorgeous INDIGO shibori pieces this month!

Jennifer says INDIGO is one of her favorites colors to create with. Check out her selection this month.

We'll continue the Search for the final color, VIOLET and beyond through the end of the year:
July 16: Violet
August 20: Brown
September 17: Metallic Gold
October 15: Gray
November 19: Pink
December17: Blogger's Choice

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Roy Reminder...Thursday is Indigo!

Here is your monthly reminder that the third Thursday of the month is this week. Time for some "Roy" (searching for the colors of the rainbow)! This month we search for INDIGO. This is always a toughy for me.

Post up to five INDIGO photos on Thursday, June 18 and leave a comment here or on Jennifer Coyne Qudeen's blog. We'll link to your  post for a colorful blog hop. The more the pass the word along!

Looking forward to an INDIGO Thursday!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

And Finally....The Petrogyph Fabric!

Do you know how it is when you get behind on something...but have to keep moving forward with other things...that thing that you didn't get to just "niggles" away at you (guilt?)!

Well, finally...I've finished The Printed Fabric Bee fabric for Lynda Heines. Lynda was the Queen Bee WAY back in January! So sorry Lynda. And...also so sorry to the winner, Janice! So these will be off in the mail to the two of you tomorrow.

Since I was feeling especially bad about the hold up, I did a bit of hand stitching on them to make them extra special. Hope you like them!

Here are the two images I referenced:

I also used a liquid dishwashing soap resist for the background.

Whew! Now to move onto other "niggly" things. Trying to get them all off my plate so I can focus on my summer art project plans. What are your arty plans for the summer (which has already started!!)?

I plan to...

--Get back to my hand stitching "roots" while producing some hand stitched book samples for my new Winter session class, Stitching, Printing, Mark Making: Developing a Personal Vocabulary with Hand Stitching.

--Work up samples for a special (wonderful!) something that is happening this fall (more about that later).

--Start working on some pieces about my Dad using cotton handkerchiefs.

Got to get back to work!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Weekly Pattern Wednesday Week #4

Another Wednesday...another pattern. I'm playing Lynn Krawczyk's Weekly Pattern Wednesday.

Today's pattern is rather ap-peeling....isn't it? It's made using grapefruit! If you'd like to learn how to make print blocks from citrus peels, you can see Issue #24 of my free online newsletter, Julie B Booth Surface Design News. If you like what you see, you can sign up for the Newsletter in the right-hand column.

To see Lynn's pattern and the patterns of other players...visit Lynn's blog today. While you're at it...why not join in on the fun! Post a pattern and leave a comment on Lynn's post.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Spring Surface Design-- Wrapping Up

"Twiggy" by Janelle F.

The spring session of my surface design class wrapped up this week. I gave you a look at some of the work produced in class, here. I thought you'd like to see a few more photos of work from the final class.

One of the techniques I show students is how to take a high contrast photograph and turn it into a design for a carved print block. It's a step-by-step process and I talk about how it's possible to produce the "grey values" of a photo by carving different textures or line weights in the final block design. Janelle took on this challenge using a photo of the model, Twiggy. I love all the iterations of prints...very Andy Warhol!

"Twiggy" by Janelle F.

On the last night of class, I gave a Shiva Paintstiks demo. Here is what Janelle did using a cut freezer paper mask.

Janelle F.: Paintstiks and freezer paper mask

Lissette used Paintstiks to add details to some of the fabrics she created using resists. She slipped texture plates under the fabrics and made rubbings.

Lissette V.: Paintstik details on top of flour paste resist fabric.
Lissette V.: Paintstik details on top of glue stick resist fabric.

Amy continued to work on one of her stitched pieces about her trip to Israel. She added painted lace to the water section of this piece. I think this works really well...I'm reminded of light bouncing off  water.

Amy L.
In this close up you can see the dimensional applique treatment of the water.

Amy also brought in the piece that she started at the May Stitch-In. She completed it and will be giving it to her sister. The piece shows the two of them as youngsters on a tree swing together (I'm in love with this piece!).

Amy L.: Sisters swinging.

All in all.. a great group to teach! Hope to see some of you in a future class!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Printed Fabric Bee: Marks with Found Objects Fabric Giveaway

It's time, once again, for another Printed Fabric Bee Challenge and Giveaway! This month the Queen Bee was Leslie Tucker Jenison. Leslie requested that we print fabric "making marks with found objects". She wanted neutrals with a "pop" of color...though I think I ended up doing color with a "pop" of neutrals! This fabric design was inspired by one of the fabrics I made for the Fabric Printing at Home Scavenger Hunt.

Here's how I made my fabric...

The first layer was printed with a block made by gluing lentils to a piece of cardboard.

For the second layer, I decided to use a plastic takeout coffee top.

For the third and forth layers, I used two of my very favorite "found" objects...a milk bottle top and a "C" battery!

I thought I was finished, but then realized that the fabric needed something more. So I printed with the edge of a business card and then a piece of corrugated cardboard. I really like how that came out and plan to use that idea again. Sorry, I forgot to take photos of this step!

Here is Leslie's final fabric.

And here is the 6" square you can win by leaving a comment on either The Printed Fabric Bee blog or  The Printed Fabric Bee Facebook page under the photo of the collection.

Leslie will announce a winner on June 15. Good luck!!

Be sure to visit the blogs of the other Bee members to see how they made their fabrics:

Carol R. Eaton
Jackie Lams
Lynda Heines
Gerrie Congdon
Susan Purney Mark
Deborah Boschert
Jane Davila
Lisa Chin
Lynn Krawczyk
Leslie Jenison
Judy Gula 

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Weekly Pattern Wednesday Week #3

It's Wednesday and I'm once again posting a pattern for Lynn Krawczyk's Weekly Pattern Wednesday.

I'm again featuring a pattern from a Newsletter project...but this is brand new! Issue #28 of Julie B Booth Surface Design News comes out this Sunday, June you are getting a "sneak peak".

Here are my print blocks...and I will show you how to make them in the new issue. The Newsletter is free and comes as an email about once a month. It features fabric printing projects that use items you have around your home. Sign up is in the right hand column of this blog.

If you want to take part in today's Weekly Pattern Wednesday, post a pattern on your blog and leave a comment over on Lynn's blog. Looking forward to seeing other folks' patterns.

Monday, June 1, 2015

May Stitch-In

Cheryl C.

This Sunday we had our third Stitch-In. It was the largest turn-out yet. Lots of great conversation, sharing and stitching. We each had a chance to show what we were working on, talk about how we felt about hand stitching, and "oo and aahh" over pieces and books. And to also have a laugh or two.

For me, these meetings have been so rich and rewarding. There was a real air of camaraderie...despite the fact that many of these stitchers were meeting each other for the first time.

Here are some of the pieces people are working on...

Alice H. brought in two more of her shibori pieces.

Alice H.
Alice H.
Amy L. showed us this sweet little stitched bird (looking through a window) and started stitching on the blue and purple piece during the meeting.

Amy L.
Ann Z. is making great progress on her cat piece for her granddaughter's foster children.

Ann Z.
Barbara M-C brought in these pieces to work on. She used some of the print blocks from her Caravan piece and combined them with gelatin printing. The pieces are printed on sheer fabric and Barbara is backing them on white.

Barbara M-C
Barbara M-C
Barbara M-C

Cheryl C. brought in her healing cloth that she started this spring. This piece focuses on her relationship with her mother. Cheryl said that she felt her mother guiding her as she continued to stitch on it. It was as if she was having a conversation with her while working on this piece. She is continuing to add to it. (Capturing the colors in the lighting was a bit tricky!)

Cheryl C.

Peggy G. is continuing to make progress on her book for her mom's 95th birthday. She showed us the completed birthday wish page and a new page with "bacteria" (Her mom worked for the health department).

Peggy G.
Peggy G.
Lisa B. had to leave a bit early so I didn't get the chance to photograph her piece...but it is spectacular! She is making a piece for her mother with lots of color, texture and fabrics with natural motifs.

I brought in my Peace Bird Alphabet series to work on. Here is the most recently completed letter.

Julie B.
I also talked about my plans for summer stitching including a stitch book for my new winter class in mark making and some pieces about my Dad.

What a wonderful afternoon with these creative, caring and sharing women!