Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Julie B. Booth's Winter 2023 Zoom Classes: Talisman Pouch Workshop and Stitch Play


Talisman Pouch featuring ceramic bead by Keith O'Connor

Update 1/3/22: All Talisman Pouch class sections are now full and enrollment is closed.

Please scroll down for information about the Winter Stitch Play class.


As we gather together for the holidays, I hope you'll take a moment to plan ahead for some exciting stitching adventures this winter. 

I am so thankful to those of you who have supported my online teaching efforts over the past couple of years. It's been so wonderful to get to know you and watch you blossom and gain confidence in your stitching abilities. I'm excited to continue sharing my expertise and growing with and learning from you as well.

To spread a bit of holiday cheer, I'm offering a couple of Holiday Specials! Purchase both the Talisman Pouch and Stitch Play classes and receive a $20 discount on the total (while spaces are available). Purchase a Talisman Pouch Kit by December 15 and get free holiday shipping (in the USA only). Maybe you'd even consider putting one of these classes on your holiday gift wish list or consider gifting a Talisman Pouch workshop and kit to a friend (and join in the fun yourself!). All classes are live on Zoom. All class sessions are recorded and the recordings remain available to students for two months.

Email me if you'd like to know more about these specials and/or how to register at

Here we go with with the details...


Design a beautiful hand-stitched pouch to hold a special object (a beach stone, crystal, jewelry or other talisman). Combine layers of fabric, painted cheesecloth, sari silk ribbon, yarns and tulle with hand stitching to create a rich, tactile art object. Add a shell embellisment and bead closure for finishing touches.  Tuition cost $65

This is a five-hour workshop that will be divided over two days (two 2.5 hour class sessions). Below are the workshops dates and times. All times are USA Eastern Standard Time.

Saturday, January 14 & 21 (10:00 AM - 12:30 PM) FULL
NEW TIME SLOT: Saturday, January 14 & 21 (6:30 - 9:00 PM) FULL
Tuesday, January 17 & 24 (10:00 AM - 12:30 PM) FULL
Wednesday, January 18 & 25 (6:30 - 9:00 PM) FULL

There is an optional $20 kit that includes all fabrics, yarns, sari silk ribbon, shell, beads and a needle. Please note: Last day to order kits is January 1, 2023.

To register (starting Monday, November 28), receive the supply list and/or info on ordering a kit please email me at

(The following images are by students who participated in the Spring 2021 class--Thank you!)

Maps & Marks by Michele L.

Explore the potential of hand stitches through a series of stitching "games" that are designed to get you thinking about stitching in new ways. Each class session focuses on a playful approach using concepts such as maps, word play, random choices, stitch combos and stitching the "wrong" way. Develop your vocabulary of stitch variations to use in future stitched work. Tuition cost $130. Supply List (no kit).

Marks Around Me Map by Doris D. Based on marks found in her yard and garden.

This is a four 2.5 hour session class. Choose either the morning or evening class section. All times are USA Eastern Standard Time:

Tuesday Morning Section (10:00 AM-12:30 PM): February 21,28, March 7, 14
Optional Meet & Greet on February 14

Wednesday Evening Section (6:30 - 9:00 PM): February 22, March 1, 8, 15
Optional Meet & Greet on February 15

(Minimum 5 students, Maximum 20)

Playing with Stitch Tension: Coral by Judy P.

For more information about the class including the supply list and to register (starting Monday, November 28), please contact me at

Randomly Choosing Adjectives to Describe Format and Stitch Character by Jodie F.

Randomly Choosing Stitch Pairs: Chain and Back by Roberta A.

Sampler: Playing with Stitch Pairs by Deborah M.

Sampler: Playing with Stitch Pairs by Deborah M.

Remember...Registration begins on Monday, November 28th.
Hope to see you in class! Don't forget about the Holiday Specials! Thanks so much!-- Julie

Saturday, July 30, 2022

Fall 2022 Zoom Classes with Julie B. Booth Experimental Hand Stitching and Stitch Focus: Buttonhole/Blanket Stitch


Experimental Hand Stitching: Texture Sampler

10/7/22 Fall Zoom Class Update: We had a great time in the September Experimental Hand Stitching classes. Now on to the November Stitch Focus: Buttonhole/Blanket Stitch classes. PLEASE NOTE: The Tuesday morning class section is now FULL. The Wednesday evening class section still has space and I'd love for you to join me for this deep dive into a versatile stitch. See the info below and then email me to register: Thanks!-- Julie

I'm gearing up for my 2022 Fall Zoom classes and I hope you will consider joining me for some exciting exploratory stitching. Both multi-session classes take a deep dive into hand stitching...pushing you to get creative with basic stitches...getting you to stretch and realize the potential in them. 

In both classes you will receive weekly Journal Prompts/Exercises and a selection of Stitch Challenges to get you focused so that you explore with intention. This combination of sketching/writing and stitching has worked for my students over the many years that I've taught hand stitching. I want to help you to develop your own stitching "voice" and this technique is a great way to do it.

Buttonhole/Blanket Stitch Sampler and Stitch Journal

I am offering two class sections for both the Experimental Hand Stitching and Stitch Focus: Buttonhole/Blanket Stitch classes. A Tuesday morning group and Wednesday evening group to hopefully cover different time zone constraints. All times are EST (I live in the Washington DC area if that helps pinpoint the time difference for you!). All class sessions will be recorded and recordings will remain available for students to view for two months after the final class session. 

There will be an optional Meet and Greet a week before the start of class so you can meet your fellow classmates, followed by three 2.5 hour class sessions. See below for specific dates and times. The cost of each class is $100. I will be offering a $25 (plus shipping) Stitching Kit for the Experimental Hand Stitching class only. Please contact me at to ask questions, register, receive a supply list or order a kit. Hope to see you in class this Fall!-- Julie

Experimental Hand Stitching with Julie B. Booth
Each week we explore a new theme and basic hand stitches that relate to that theme. Themes include: Line; Pattern and Rhythm; and Texture. Although this is my beginning level hand stitching class, the Stitch Challenges are for any level. To entice some of you more confident hand stitchers, I am including, for the first time, Further Exploration Stitch Challenges. These challenges will push students a bit further and include additional techniques (such as surface design, fabric collage for example). Supply list available or optional $25 (plus shipping) Stitching Kit. Contact me at for more info.

Experimental Hand Stitching: Texture sampler

Experimental Hand Stitching: Patterns with Looped Stitches

Experimental Hand Stitching Class Dates 

Tuesday Morning Class Section (10:00 AM-12:30 PM EST)
-- September 6 Meet & Greet
-- Sept 13, 20, 27

Wednesday Evening Class Section (6:30-9:00 PM EST)
--September 7 Meet & Greet
-- September 14, 21, 28

Stitch Focus: Buttonhole/Blanket Stitch
This is a new class and a new concept. We will focus on one stitch..the Buttonhole/Blanket stitch and explore it in depth. I'm so excited about this new class! I had the opportunity to take a deep dive into this stitch while preparing for my first Stitch Club lesson. I'll admit that until I took the opportunity to study this stitch, it was not a favorite. But ...Boy when I had the chance to play with many possibilities opened up for me and I realized its versatility and potential. I now want to share what I've learned with you and see what you discover too! We will explore using the stitch to create different qualities of line; building shapes and patterns, layering and coming off the surface including buttonhole laces. I can't wait! Supply list available. Contact me at

Stitch Focus: Buttonhole/Blanket Stitch Class Dates

Tuesday Morning Class Section (10:00 AM-12:30 PM EST) FULL
-- October 25 Meet & Greet
--November 1, 8, 15

Wednesday Evening Class Section (6:30-9:00 PM EST) 
-- October 26 Meet & Greet
-- November 2, 9, 16

Blanket Stitch sampler

Blanket Stitch sampler

Buttonhole lace

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Boro-Style Fun in June & July: Online Workshops with Julie


Boro-style Bag Project (large bag).

Update May 26, 2022: Here are the June and July workshops that are running. Please read project descriptions below for more information. If you'd like to register, you can contact me at: Cost of each workshop is $65.

June 15 & 22 (6:30-9): Boro-Style Bag
June 18 (1 PM-6:30 PM includes half hour lunch break): Boro-Style Bag
July 6 & 7 (10 AM-12:30 PM): Boro-Style Bag
July 26 & 27 (6:30-9 PM) Itty Bitty Boro Book

Looking for some creative projects to keep you busy and stitching over the summer? I hope that you'll join me on Zoom in June and/or July for a choice of two Boro-style stitching projects: My popular Itty Bitty Boro Book and for the first time on Boro-Style Bag. With both projects you'll enjoy the meditative flow of the Running stitch, build patterns from intersecting stitching and beautiful textural surfaces while creating something special for yourself or to share.

Working on the closure for the Itty Bitty Boro Book.

Large Boro-Style Bag in Traditional Indigos


This time I'll be offering optional project kits. You can choose between a Bare Bones option where you will supply your own fabric scraps or a Full Kit option where I supply you with everything except for thread. Contact me for color palettes. Kits must be ordered at least two weeks before the class is scheduled. 

Email me at for more particulars such as how to pay, supply lists and handouts.

The workshops will be recorded and students will have access to the recording for a month.


Itty Bitty Boro Books
Design a small format (3"square), accordion-style cloth book using special fabric scraps from your own collection (or select a kit option). Arrange your scraps on wool felt square pages and embellish with Sashiko-style Running stitch patterns for a beautiful and rustic 2-sided book.
Two kit options: Bare Bones: Wool felt squares, ribbon, and #3 needle $10 plus shipping. Full Kit: Bare Bones plus assorted fabric scraps, painted cheesecloth and 2 buttons for closures $20 plus shipping.

One of two sides of the book.

Two of the small size bags.
Design a beautiful hand-stitched Boro-style bag from special fabric scraps. Enhance your bag with patterns and details using variations of the Running stitch. Add a closure and lining. Learn a twining technique for creating trim and a strap.
Kit comes in two sizes: Small (3.5" x 14.5") and Large (4.5"-5" x 18" cellphone size). Bare Bones: Wool felt base, tulle, button, #3 needle. Small $10, Large $12 plus shipping. Full kit: Bare Bones plus fabric scraps, lining fabric, yarns for trim and strap. Small $25, Large $35 plus shipping.

Large Boro Bag in Earthy tones.

Thanks and hope to see you in class!-- Julie

Sunday, March 27, 2022

May Minis "Madness"


Introduction to Boro-Style Stitching

An Update: 

Thank you to those of you who responded to May Minis "Madness"! Workshops are now on the calendar and spaces are still available if you'd like to join in. Below is a list of workshops with dates and times (Eastern Daylight Savings Time USA). Scroll down this post for workshop descriptions.

May 7 (10 AM-1 PM) Introduction to Boro Stitching

May 9 (10 AM-1 PM) Hand Stitching Primer

May 11 (10 AM-1 PM) Introduction to Visible Mending

May 11 (6-9 PM) Introduction to Visible Mending

May 25 (10 AM-1 PM) Stitch Mandalas

May 28 (2-5 PM) Stitch Mandalas

I have a student interested in a May 25 (6-9 PM) timeslot for either Stitch Mandalas or Introduction to Boro Stitching. Please contact me if you'd like to take one of these workshops in this time slot.


Hi all- Hope that you are enjoying the Spring (or Fall if you're in the Southern Hemisphere). I've been on a short teaching hiatus while sorting through papers, book, supplies and STUFF in general. It's a big job and will continue to take time. But I am itching to get back to some online teaching so I am offering a selection of some of my popular 3-hour "mini" hand stitching workshops before diving into more and new summer offerings. So if your fingers are "itching" (like mine) to do some hand stitching, I hope you can join me.

Hand Stitching Primer

For this workshop series I am reintroducing a successful method of putting students, workshops and dates/times together. This is how it the descriptions of the 3-hour minis and the list of possible dates and times. I'm now including several time options to hopefully cover many time zones. Choose the best workshop, date and time options for you and contact me at I will group you with others who have similar choices. I need at least three students to run a workshop. You can also choose to guarantee a workshop by putting together your own group. I'm scheduling on a first-come, first served basis, so be sure to contact me as soon as you can.

Stitch Mandalas: Couching

Once a workshop is scheduled, I will notify you about payment. Each 3-hour mini is $40. You will receive a supply list with your payment confirmation. Handouts will be emailed to you the day before class. Once you receive the handout you will no longer be able to receive a refund but will have access to a recording of the workshop.

All workshops are taught on Zoom and you will receive a link to give you access to the recorded workshop for one month.

If enrollment for a workshop goes under three people, it will either be rescheduled or cancelled.

Introduction to Visible Mending

Here are the date/time options:

All times are Eastern Daylight Savings Time (USA). I live in the Washington DC area so you can Google the time there to calculate the time difference.

Saturday, May 7: 10 AM-1 PM;  2-5 PM;  6-9 PM

Monday, May 9: 10 AM-1 PM;  6-9 PM

Wednesday, May 11: 10 AM-1 PM;  6-9 PM

Monday, May 23: 10 AM-1 PM;  6-9 PM

Wednesday May 25: 10 AM-1 PM;  6-9 PM

Saturday May 28: 10 AM-1 PM;  2-5 PM;  6-9 PM

Here are the 3-hour Mini Workshops ($40 per workshop)

Hand Stitching Primer: Variations of Fly Stitch

Hand Stitching Primer/Refresher
Here's an opportunity to start your hand stitching adventure or refresh your memory about certain stitches. Julie will teach you a small selection of stitches and give you tips on how you can modify them for different effects. Students will create a small stitch sampler.

Boro-Style Stitch Sampler

Introduction to Boro-Style Stitching: Running Stitch/Sashiko Patterns
Explore the possibilities of using Boro-style patching and simple Running stitches to create intricate designs. Julie will show you how can combine rows, columns, and diagonals of stitch to design patterns. Students will stitch a small sampler.

Visible Mending Sampler
Introduction to Visible Mending
Mending clothes has become a socially conscious endeavor and an artistic statement. Students will have the option to work on a mending sampler or a piece of their own clothing. Julie will show you several playful approaches to visible mending (mending that is meant to stand out) and enhancing including different patching techniques, reverse applique and surface darning.

Stitch Mandalas Sampler
Stitch Mandalas
Hand stitching can be a meditative practice. Mandala, which means circle in the ancient language of Sanskrit, is a form often used in meditation to center and focus one's attention. In this workshop, Julie will teach variations of a select number of basic embroidery stitches that can be worked within a circular format with beautiful results. Stitches covered will include variations of: Running, Blanket, Straight and Couching stitches, and needle woven Spider's Webs. Students will create samplers featuring their Stitch Mandalas.

Thank you and hope to hear from you!-- Julie

Sunday, February 6, 2022

What I've been up to... Marie's Medicine Bag

Marie's Medicine Bag and the sister bag.

It's been a while since I posted about what I've been up to...stitching project-wise. With the ease of posting on Instagram and Facebook, I've tended to focus my blog posts on featuring student work and upcoming workshops. Now that those are all underway for the Winter session, I thought I'd post about one of my in-progress projects. For those of you who want to follow me on a more regular basis...I post nearly every day on Instagram (boothjb4757) and Facebook (Julie Basseches Booth). Feel free to pop over to my feed to get almost daily posts of my work.

Marie's Medicine Bag is an ongoing project started in 2021. Marie's been very patient! I'm finally back to seriously stitching on her bag. I'm very excited about it and how she plans to use it. I'm hoping for more opportunities to create meaningful pieces such as this that will be used with a spiritual purpose in mind. This is also a collaboration...which gives it additional meaning. Marie beaded around the amazing Sonoran stone that will be the centerpiece of the bag. She wants the beaded stone piece to be removable so it can also be used as pendant. That required a bit of brainstorming and the Sonoran had to travel back and forth in order to receive a beaded bail that would fit through a slit in front flap.

Here's a mock-up sample that I made of the front flap so that Marie could create the bail to fit.

The bag went through two design iterations... another part of the collaboration. One design plan was to work with fabric patches and cover them with Running stitch patterns in my Boro-style stitching. This was a "quieter" design.

First design attempt for the Medicine bag.

Although Marie liked the layout and colors. This was not what was in her mind's eye. She gave me permission to "go wild and crazy"! So I switched gears and out came the yarns and fabric bits and tulle and the fun really started!

Lots of fun "stuff" to play with for the second design!

The final layout for the bag is full of energy and the opportunity for lots of  "organic" stitching.

Final layout of the front.
Final layout of the back.

Here are a couple of recent photos of my stitching on the bag. I looking forward to carving out more time to work on it over the coming months. I plan to update here but also be sure to check my Instagram (booth jb4757) and Facebook (Julie Basseches Booth) feeds for more immediate images of my progress. Thanks for stopping by....
Beginning with some couching.

More stitching details.