Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Hand Stitching Continued: Surface and Structure: Part 5: Manipulating Fabric with Stitches

Alice A: Pleated ribbon using Running stitch.

Well...I was going to write a post combining manipulating fabric with stitches and our final challenge project...a this one post...BUT again too much to share so I'm dividing them up!

This post focuses on using a few basic stitches to manipulate and distort fabric. The three that we focused on were Running stitch, Ladder stitch and Back stitch. We just touched on using Back stitch (for Smocking) and I hope to develop more samples to share with the Spring class (see below for a link to register for that class).

I wasn't surprised by the possibilities of manipulating fabric with Running stitch. But I was really surprised by what could be accomplished with Ladder stitch!! So much so that I personally plan to do a more thorough exploration in my own work.

Here is a selection of samplers using these stitches to manipulate fabric...

Alice A.: Pleating with Running stitch.
Alice A.: Manipulating fabric with Running stitch.
Alice A.: Manipulating fabric with Ladder stitch.
Alice A.: Combining techniques: Reverse applique window. Ladder stitch pleating that has been stuffed, Wrapped wire.
Alice A.: Detail.
Ann Z.: Playing with Running and Ladder stitches to distort fabric.
Marine W. combining Running stitch pleating with stuffed applique and stitching in a fabric collage.
Peggy G.: A selection of samples showing how Running, Ladder and Back stitches can manipulate fabric.
Susan P.: Ladder stitch spiral.
Susan P.: Ladder stitch and Running stitch pleating (front side)
Susan P.: Showing the stitches from the back side.
The next (and final) installment will focus on the creation of small soft sculptures, incorporating the techniques learned in class.

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I'll be teaching an evening version of Hand Stitching Continued: Surface and Structure, starting on May 3, at The Art League School in Alexandria, Virginia.

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