Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Hand Stitching Continued: Surface and Structure Part 4: Manipulating Fabric

Ann Z: Experimenting with stuffed applique shapes.

After a bit of a hiatus...I want to continue to show you work by students in the Hand Stitching Continued class. After playing with dimensional stitches (Part 3), the next step was to continue to move into the third dimension with our work. Students learned some stuffing techniques including Cording and Trapunto and also a number of ways to approach stuffing simple appliqued shapes. They also learned how some basic stitches could be used to manipulate fabric...but I have so many photos that this last part will be paired with the sculptural work in Part 5.

The first sampler combined Cording and Trapunto. To create pieces with Cording, you must first stitch channels (using Running or Back stitch) and then thread yarn through the channels. Trapunto is stuffed through a slit on the back side of the piece after stitching a shape on top. Of course, both techniques require two layers of fabric in order to work! We made these samplers with white cotton to emphasize the dimension of the shapes...but they could be done with color fabrics.

My sampler showing both Cording and Trapunto.
Ann Z: Cording and Trapunto
Jodie F.: Cording and Trapunto
Marine W.: Cording and Trapunto
Peggy G.: Cording and Trapunto

A few students continued to play with the techniques:

Ann Z: Cording. Ann sandwiched the yarn between fabric layers and then stitched the channels around the yarn.
Jan B.: Playing with color and Cording.
Peggy G.: Cording and Trapunto. Using hand painted fabric and adding stitching.

The next sampler focused on a number of different ways to approach stuffing appliqued shapes using woven and non-woven fabrics. I just love these! Students really got into the spirit of play. I am reminded of sea creatures, sushi or candy!

Susan G.
Alice A.: Stuffed shape with stitching.
My sampler showing some approaches to stuffed applique. I worked with a color palette based on shell shards.
Jodie F.

Ann Z.: Detail.
Marine W.
Peggy G.: Combining stuffed shapes and stitching.
Peggy G.
Peggy G.: Detail

Susan P.: Using ribbon
Jan B.
Jan B.: One stuffed shape on top of another!
Jan B.: Color coordinating with her piece!

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I'll be teaching an evening version of Hand Stitching Continued: Surface and Structure, starting on May 3, at The Art League School in Alexandria, Virginia.

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