Monday, February 20, 2017

Hand Stitching Continued: Surface and Structure Part 3: Buttonhole and Needle Weaving

Alice A.: Netting and needle woven stitches.

After experimenting with the basic stitches learned in Hand Stitching (see this blog post), I introduced some textural stitches into the mix. These stitches fell into two categories: variations of Buttonhole stitch and needle woven stitches over "laid" or warp threads. All these stitches are worked on top of the fabric's surface and could be considered another overlay of texture. Students found the Knotted Buttonhole Netting the most challenging, but with practice, felt more confident about the possibilities of the stitch.

Ann Z.: Netting and needle woven sampler.
Ann Z.: Netting and textural stitches inspired by her muse.
Jan B.: Buttonhole rings.
Jan B.: Buttonhole rings
Jodie F.: Netting and needle weaving inspired by her muse.
Marine W.: Needle weaving
Marine W.: Needle weaving detail.
Peggy G.: Buttonhole and needle weaving sampler.
Susan G.: Nightscape with some needle weaving and Buttonhole details.

Next post: Fabric manipulation with stitch.

Susan P.: Challenge using warp threads and needleweaving.

Susan P.: Detail.
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