Sunday, February 19, 2017

Hand Stitching Continued: Surface and Structure Part 2: Layering Stitches

Jodie F.: Challenge detail.

While the painted backgrounds (see this post) were drying, students started on their first Stitching Challenge. I listed the stitches we covered in the Hand Stitching class and challenged students to combine and layer them in new ways...again referencing their nature "muses".

Jodie F.: Challenge: Layering stitches.

Jodie F.: Layering stitches.
Jan B.: Challenge: Layering stitches.
Jan B.: Inspired by her "muse".
Marine W.: Layering stitches.
Marine W.: Inspired by her muse...a geode.
Marine W.: Challenge detail.
Peggy G.: Challenge: Layering stitches.
Peggy G.: Inspired by her muse.
Alice A.: Challenge: Layering stitches. Alice told a story about growing up surrounded by farmland and how the fields change throughout the seasons. This piece "mapped" the seasons in the fields.
Alice A. : Challenge detail.
Ann Z. : Challenge: Layering stitches.
Susan G.: Challenge: Layering stitches.
Susan G.: Inspired by her muse.
Susan P.: Challenge: Layering stitches.

Working with even the most basic stitches continues to intrigue and inspire me. There are so many possible ways to change and distort stitches and then add to that the many ways of combining them with each other!

Next post: Buttonhole variations and needle weaving.

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  1. WOW what an amazing assortment of stitches and expressive muses!

  2. I just always enjoy seeing your class work from students!! Wonderful!