Saturday, February 18, 2017

Hand Stitching Continued: Surface and Structure Part 1- Painted Backgrounds

Jan B.: Bound resist on silk
Jan B.: Unbinding the resist.
This week was the last session of my new class, Hand Stitching Continued: Surface and Structure. This 5-session class was a continuing exploration of hand stitching for students who took my multi-session Hand Stitching class or my Jumpstart in Hand Stitching workshop. In the Continued class, each student chose a "muse" from nature as a starting point. The "muse" informed color choices, use of stitches and how students approached new techniques. The goal was to create more textured surfaces with stitch, learn fabric manipulation techniques and culminated in the creation of small free-standing sculptures.

Ann Z.

Over the next few blog posts, I plan to share the results. As usual, I was blown away by my students' work!

Ann Z.

The first session focused on color. In the Hand Stitching class, I limited the palette to black, white and gray with the eventual addition of a couple of colors. I knew that I wanted to open things up a bit color-wise in the Continued class. Students experimented with  color mixing fabric paint using just one or two base colors and black and white. I wanted them to see the wide range of color that can be achieved even within those parameters. Students also designed some hot glue blocks using their muse for inspiration. The resulting fabrics were used for subsequent stitching assignments.

Marine W.
Marine W. : Monoprint.
Susan P. : Hot glue block print over painted fabric.
Fabrics drying before adding printing.

Next blog post: Layering stitches.

Ann Z. : Hot glue print block and painting.
Fabrics by Sarah H. and Jodie F.
Alice A.
Susan G: Monoprint over texture prints.

Enrollment for the spring session of Jumpstart in Hand Stitching (3 evening sessions) and Hand Stitching Continued (7 evening sessions) is now ongoing. If you live in the Washington, DC area, considering joining me!

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