Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Playing with Our Stashes!

Willa D. was working on these pages for her Stash book. Great use of textures!

Here are the results of the Play-with-Your-Fabric-Stash Cloth Book workshop that I was preparing for in this post.

First, we quickly put together some fabric swatches so that students could learn a simple binding technique.

Peggy G. sewing the binding on her sampler book.
Peggy played with inserting some smaller swatches in her sampler book.
Another page in Peggy's book.
Jodie F's bound sampler book.
Then students had the opportunity to work on individual pages and covers for another book. The theme was layers and I had students make sandwiches of fabrics (including sheers and cheesecloth) and then cut away to reveal lower layers.

Peggy G. cutting away to reveal layers hiding below.
The backside of the same piece by Peggy G. Cutting can be done from this side as well.
Jodie F. using a reverse applique technique on her hand printed fabric. She was trying out possible fabrics to slip beneath.
Ann Z. used one of her hand painted and printed fabrics. Cutting away to reveal some hand-dyed cheesecloth.
Ann Z.: Detail showing the addition of hand stitching to the cut-away areas.
Buffy K. did some reverse applique on this African print.
Lots of texture layers on top of Willa D's page!
Love how Willa sandwiched lace under this Japanese silk!

 We also played with some Trapunto techniques for stuffing some sections of some pages.

Tally T. tried a number of techniques on this piece...including Trapunto stuffing.
Lots of experimenting and some discoveries (which is always great fun!).

Judy G. working on her cover design. She used reverse applique to "reveal" the VOTE button. Judy brought in an eclectic collection of "political" fabrics.
Judy G.: Finished front cover.
Judy G.: Inside front cover. I think she needs a word bubble...wouldn't YOU like to know what President Obama is thinking right about now?!
Final books are still in progress and I look forward to seeing the results.


  1. An amazing mix of fabrics and stitches...the applique has a strong impact...what fun!

  2. wow, wonderful fabrics and the stitches, the bookbinding book is a wonderful idea