Thursday, March 16, 2017

Stitch-In January 2017

Holly C.: Hand stitching on linen.
Yes....I know that it's the middle of March! I'm playing catch-up with my posts. Since the March Stitch-In is this coming Sunday...I figured I better catch up on the past couple of months. Tomorrow I'll feature the February Stitch-In.

We met in a new space (at The Art League School) very close to my classroom. The advantage to this space...lots of table space that was already set up, decent lighting and great parking! We had our largest turnout for the Stitch-In to date...11 people!

I didn't manage to photograph everyone's work but I hope this selection gives you an idea of the range of work that the members are creating.

Holly C.
Holly C.: Hand and machine stitching.
Holly C.: Hand and machine stitching.
Holly C.
Holly C.
Holly is working on a series of linen squares using black DMC floss (all 6 strands) and machine stitching. When I first saw her pieces, I thought that she had drawn the images in pen and ink or marker!

Carol R.
Carol is continuing with her purse/handbag series. She hand printed and dyed this fabric and is now adding stitched details.

Debbie S.
Debbie is adding stitching and beading embellishment to this indigo-dyed scarf.

Susan G.
Susan worked on a piece for the Hand Stitching Continued class. You can see the finished piece here.

Imani R.
Imani was inspired to create this new piece after taking the Jumpstart in Hand Stitching workshop. Her fabrics were from an Inspiration Pack from Artistic Artifacts.

Erika C.: This is one side of a "flip doll". This side is about Erika's daughter.
Erika C.: This is the other ("flip") side that is about her son.
Erika brought a wonderful flip doll that she is creating as a sample for her Potomac Fiber Arts Guild grant project. She will be teaching a flip doll workshop based on this sample in 2018

It's always inspiring to get together and see all the different projects that members are creating!


  1. Good to be back and commenting again. I seem to have been away a long time. I love Holly C's intuitive black and white stitch with it's contrasting weight of stitch and great sense of movement - lovely!

    1. Thanks Margaret...great to hear fr you! I haven't been blog hopping much myself...just trying to keep up with things!