Thursday, March 30, 2017

More Boro and Beyond Part 2

Linda M.: Boro sample showing patching from underneath, raw-edge applique, inset patch and "bird's nest" darning around floating patch.

On Day #2 of my Artistic Artifacts workshop, Boro and Beyond: The Versatile Running Stitch we covered construction, mending and distortion techniques using the Running Stitch. Day #1 homework was to put together some fabric bases so we could continue work on Day #2. Students stitched together 4-square patchwork bases, collage-style and woven bases. Most students worked with the 4-square patchwork base for mending techniques.

Judith K-P: Woven patch, "bird's nest" darning, raw-edge applique.

We patched cut/torn fabric from behind (a typical Boro approach), played with raw-edge and turned edge reverse applique techniques, created our own woven fabric patches with Surface Darning and learned how to inset a patch.

Carol B.: Reverse applique variations, woven patch.
Cheryl H.: Reverse applique and patching.
Ellen S.: Inset patch, patching from behind, surface darning.
Diana G.: Patching from behind, reverse and raw-edge applique, inset patch.
Lindy M.: Patching from behind, "bird's nest" darning.
Lora B.: Reverse applique, patching from behind
Lora B.: Inset patch, surface darning.
Melanie H.: Patching from behind, raw-edge applique.
Susan H. : Patching from behind, "bird's nest" darning, inset patch, reverse applique
Susan H.: Detail of inset patch.
Susan P. : Raw-edge applique, patching from behind, "bird's nest" darning, inset patch.
Susan P.: Detail of  "bird's nest" darning.
Susan S.: Inset patch, raw-edge reverse applique.
Ruth T.: Inset patch detail.
Etta S.: Surface darning.
Jean T.: Sashiko stitching over patch.
Jutta M.: Patching from behind.
Lindy M.: Woven and stitched.
Etta S.: Woven and stitched.

There was so much to cover with these techniques that there wasn't much time left for the distortion techniques. I demoed those for students...including Kantha quilting and Ruching...pleating fabric strips with Running Stitch (see link below: Boro and Beyond: The Versatile Running Stitch Part 2 to see more about those techniques).

Thanks students!

If you think you'd like to take this 2-day workshop at Artistic Artifacts, I'll be teaching it again on October 21 and 22.

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  1. I love everyone of them! I hope to take this class in Oct.. I am in the neighborhood : )

    1. That would be great Cathy. I'm looking forward to teaching it again!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Mary Ann. It was a great class to teach.