Saturday, March 18, 2017

Stitch-In February 2017

Erika C. Flip Doll Torso side one.

I'm finishing up the backlog of blog posts!

The Stitch-In!
For the February Stitch-In we had a large group (12) and a number of large pieces!

Erika C.: Hand painted and stitched whale.
Erika C.: Side two of the flip doll.

Erika C. brought in her life-size flip doll...part of her Potomac Fiber Arts Guild grant project. She is finishing up the torso and skirt before working on the heads of this two-part doll. I love the details...all the hand-painted and hand-stitched animals. I can't wait to see how this piece continues to progress! It will be part of an exhibit at her gallery at the Torpedo Factory Art Center and also her grant project exhibit. To find out more about Erika's work:

Holly C.: Finished art quilt featuring hand dyed, painted and stitched work.
Holly C.: Detail.
Holly C.: Detail.
Another large piece was this art quilt by Holly C. This piece was painted by Holly and includes both hand and machine stitching. She is planning to enter it in a show.

Barbara C.
Barbara C.: Detail.
Barbara C. is also starting in on a large piece. Love the shape of the hummingbird...looking forward to seeing where this piece goes.

Ann Z.: Sculpture
Jodie F.: Sculpture
Ann Z. and Jodie F. both worked on their sculptures for the Hand Stitching Continued class. You can see finished sculptures here.

Kate M. working on her Healing Cloth.
Peggy G.: Working on a new Healing Cloth.
Kate and Peggy were both working on Healing Cloths. Kate started hers in the Fall Healing Cloth workshop (I'm holding this workshop again in June.). Peggy is planning (along with Ann Z.) to create Healing Cloths for members of her church in need of healing.

Imani R.
Imani brought in her completed fabric collage. She is working on a number of large dolls for an upcoming show. Imani is both a clothing designer and doll maker. Here is a link to her website:

Sampler that Cheryl C. brought in to share.
Cheryl brought in this sampler that she purchased at a flea market. She is starting in on a new series that jumps off from the sayings and sampler concept...really cutting edge stuff! She's in the seminal stages and asked that I wait to share.

Another great month...thanks stitchers!!

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  1. have gathered a talented group and I can easily see lovely expressions with cloth and stitching!!