Thursday, May 3, 2012

Printing on Weed Control Fabric

Today, I finally got to experiment with the piece of weed control fabric that I got from Brian, The Gardener.
Brian in his veggie garden

Brian is my friend, Laura's husband. He has an amazing vegetable garden and has been experimenting with weed control fabric to contain his veggie beds.

Weed control fabric

When I took a look at the weed control fabric, the first thing I thought was Lutradur! Although it is a dark green, it is the same type of spun bonded polyester. I thought "ah ha", I bet I could paint and print on it!

So today, I gave it a try and "yes", it is possible to both paint and print on it.
I first applied the Pebeo Setacolor Opaque Fabric Paints with a foam brayer

I found applying the paint with a foam brush more successful.

 I thought, how wonderful to print some of my carved weed blocks on weed control fabric!

 I am thinking that there is the potential for some art pieces and I will have to get my hands on some more of it.

When I was visiting Laura and Brian in Virginia Beach, the vegetable garden was producing bowls of beautiful radishes. I told Brian about Earl Middleton who was my family's neighbor. When we were young Earl used to take us on fishing trips in his RV and his favorite sandwich was peanut butter and radishes. I used to love those nutty but crunchy sandwiches! I haven't had one in who knows how many years...I just had to have one today.


  1. OMG! You've really got to get Skype so you can join our Friday session. And you need to talk to Pam. She's not experimenting with weed control fabric, but with its kissing to speak. Just too funny!

    1. Mark set up Skype on his laptop (yeah!). Oh...but I work at Star's on Fridays (boohoo)...
      I'm looking forward to hearing and seeing retreat photos (admit to jealousy). Let Pam know that I'd love to hear what she's doing and what "kissing cousin" fabric she is using.