Sunday, May 27, 2012

Robbin's Woven Bag

Robbin's finished bag

For the past two summers, my extended family has spent a week together in Cape Cod, MA. Both summers, I designed a fiber art project for the family (and in particular, for my talented niece, Ivy) to work on.

Last summer, I designed a special weaving loom (an ingenious one, I have to admit!) to create two possible bag designs.
The loom I designed for last summer's project
Robbin working on her woven bag last summer

This weekend, when we all got together for Mom's 80th, Robbin brought her bag. She put the finishing stitches into her lining. I was so pleased to see the finished piece.
A peek at the beautiful lining

Robbin seemed pleased as well.


  1. thanks. We had great fun doing them last summer. I've thought about marketing the loom with directions...just another thing to do!