Friday, May 11, 2012

Arresting Resists: Some Class Photos

Colored white school glue on glass palette for monoprinting
I thought I'd show you a small sampling of what we've been up to in my Arresting Resists class. Unfortunately, my camera's memory card decided to fill up just as I was taking some class photos on Wednesday. I should have plenty of more photos to share after next week's class (our last).

In the four sessions so far we've worked with different types of flour, cooked cereal, starches, leavening, gelatin, cooked sugars, syrup, glues and dishwashing liquid as fabric resists. Next week, we will be relief printing, stenciling and possibly screen printing with opaque fabric paints to add another layer of interest.

Monoprint with colored white school glue by Avital Oriol

Monoprints with colored white school glue by Avital Oriol
Assorted boards with resists drying

Floris Flam experimenting with dishwashing liquid and thermofaxes
Susan Prytherch hard at work
Cooked oatmeal paste applied with a bristle brush using thickened dye instead of fabric paint by Floris Flam
Blended oatmeal paste applied with lime half on previously dyed fabric. Second color using thickened dye by Floris Flam

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