Monday, May 7, 2012

Arresting Resists: The Week (4) Ahead

Colored White School Glue: Drawing with Detailer (small bottle with fine tip applicator)

This week in my Arresting Resists class we are focusing on the wet resists...syrups, glues and liquid soap. These are very versatile resists that can be applied to fabric in numerous ways. Below are samples of some of the application techniques.

Cooked Granulated Sugar: Applied with bristle brush and brayer rubbing
Cooked Confectioner's Sugar: Printed and applied with a Detailer
Corn Syrup: Nature printing with leaves and brayer rubbing
Dawn Dishwashing Liquid: Applied with plastic wrap and monoprinting
Blue School Glue Gel: Monoprinting and freezer paper stencil
Colored White Glue: Applied with Detailer
This week we will also start to work with layering...layering different resists on each other or layers of the same resist using different application techniques. Next week (5) we will be adding opaque fabric paints to the mix. Can't wait...should be lots of fun!

Re: Searching for Roy G Biv Challenge: If you do not have a blog and wish to participate, let me know and I can link to your website, Flickr page or post your photos here on my blog with your information.

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