Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Arresting Resists: Student Work Part 2

Susan Prytherch: Sampler of resists with overprinting (before removing resists)

Here are some more samples of student work from my Arresting Resists class which finished up last Wednesday.
Susan Prytherch
Susan Prytherch
Susan Prytherch
Susan Prytherch

Floris Flam: Confectioner's Sugar

Floris Flam: Colored White School Glue

Floris Flam

Floris Flam

As with every class I teach, I notice that each student truly has her (or his) own style that seems to come out over the course of the class. Whether it be recurring motifs, sense of color or bold design elements, by the end of a class, I can pick out each student's work.


  1. Not completely sold on opaque printing over the sugar/corn syrup resists. Finally got around to washing out the resists and most of the opaque paint went down the drain. Also noticed that the colors painted over the sugar resists took on a more faded look once they were washed out. Wondering if that is an effect of the sugar resist or my water was too hot? The fabrics sat for almost two weeks so the dye should have been set.

    1. Hi Susan-
      Not exactly sure how to answer that as I haven't done a lot of opaque printing over sugar as of yet. It sounds like it reacted in a similar way to washing out blue glue. I'd have to see it or experiment on my own.