Sunday, May 20, 2012

Needing to Dig Out

OMG I can't believe I'm showing you all this!
 It feels like it's been a crazy month. Lots of weekend travels. Too many classes to prepare for. Too many projects on my mind.

The studio, as you can see, is in a total state of disarray. My Mom would cringe, if she could see it! I really need to dig out..excavate down to those lower layers. Put things away. Throw things out.

 And yet... we are leaving again this Thursday...this time back to Savannah for my Mom's 80th birthday celebration. It seems likely that it won't all get completed by then.

Which brings me to my gift dilemma. I have designed this hamsa for my Mom. As it is a special birthday, I thought I would stitch this hamsa. So, I created two pieces of cloth and because I couldn't decide, I started stitching on each one. Then my neck and shoulder started to really hurt and the prospect of really stitching (and my friends know what I mean by really) seemed like it might be an impossibility.

Mom's hamsa design in process
First piece of background fabric painted and printed using a doily.
Second piece of background fabric painted and printed with a doily.

So now I thinking...should I do this in colored pencil? Should I carve a block and print it? Should I just stitch it as an outline on the fabric in a contrasting color...should I do more than one thing?
The finished design with hidden hearts and Star of David.

I am having trouble with mind seems about as cluttered as the studio.
And of course, the bathrooms need cleaning and the garden needs weeding.....


  1. I really like the idea of just stitching the lines in a contrasting color. A bit of simplicity to contrast the business of the fabric.

    OMG!!! I can't believe you shared that photo either! Just kidding. It looks like my work table does at times. Nice to know you get that messy too.

    Enjoy Savannah and tell Mom happy birthday for us.

    1. I decided to opt for the least as far as the stitching goes...still don't know if I want to do something else with it...maybe at a later time.

      My studio is downright scarey right now! It requires a day of sorting and putting away and I'm not sure I really have the time betwn now and leaving...may have to shut the door and hope there is no reason for anyone to come in as I'm sure they will think it's been ransacked by robbers!

      Thanks for the birthday wish for Mom. She is an amazing lady...a very young 80. Though I know she is having some coping issues with my Dad right now (Parkinson's with dementia)