Saturday, May 19, 2012

And...the bead goes on...

Beaded beads

Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to be working at Star's Beads during the first day of...the beads go on...trunkshow. We've had this shop from Virginia Beach set up a booth in our store twice before. Everytime they come I become a true beadaholic.

They are best known for their vast selection of Hill Tribe Silver.
Hill Tribe Silver

Though it is impressive, I have to admit that it is the color, texture and variety of the other beads that suck me in.
Wooden prayer beads
Beautiful beaded bracelets

As you might have guessed from my obsession with hamsas, I also have an obsession with eye beads...those beads that have dots or actual eyes on them and are also protective symbols. I found myself spending a lot of time in this little corner of the booth eying the eye beads!
Eye beads!

I was also captured by the textiles, that Amy (from ...the bead goes on...) brought with her this time.
Amy from ...the bead goes on...

I noticed that Roy (of Roy G Biv) was also hanging out with us for the day.

For those of you who are fortunate enough to live in the Vienna, Virginia area...the trunkshow continues through today...who knows....I might fall off he wagon again and stop in...

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