Saturday, April 29, 2017

To Tell a Story with Cloth: Impressions, Connections, and Memories: Color Connections

Alice A.: EMOshuns- using color paper, pencils and pens.

Can it possibly be that a month has gone by! Once again, I have lots to post about but life is keeping me too busy to sort through the photos. I just finally had to get a post up...especially since I'm so excited about this new class!

I've taught Story Cloth before at The Art League School, but this is a completely overhauled version with a focus on memories. Each class session begins with a Journal Exercise (or two), followed by some painting/printing techniques and finally some stitching! Each class, centers around a theme related to memories.

Alice A.: Detail of EMOshuns--Anger.

In the first class session, we focused on color and how color can stir emotions and memories (how we connect to color and how color connects us to memories). The Journal exercises included writing, working with a fantastic pack of origami papers (300 pieces and 100 colors!!) and color pencils.

Jan B.: Anger
Judy M.: Anger

Among the exercises was one inspired by Betty Edwards, author of, Color: A Course in Mastering the Art of Mixing Colors. Students were asked to either draw or cut/tear paper to create a piece that represented particular emotions. Here is a selection:

Amy L.: Emotions
Jan B.: Jealousy
Jan B.: Tranquility
Judy M.: Sadness
Judy M: Jealousy and Joy.

Another color association exercise focused on The Color of Memories. Students were asked to pick out a small selection of colors that elicited memories and either write or create a paper/color pencil collage.

Karol L.: Her mother's home...with orange sofa!

Students then spent time painting color backgrounds using a number of different techniques. I have to say that I was so involved in what was going on, that I forgot to take photos (though in the next post the students add texture to their fabrics so you will get to see them at that stage).

The color exercises and some Journal Prompts became the basis for a number of small collaged/stitched fabric pieces.

Judith K.-P.: The colors around us.
Jan B.: The colors around us.
Amy L: The Fearless Girl

Jan B.: Emotions
Jan B.: Emotions: Joy
Judith K.-P.: Sadness. referencing mourning bells in Japan.
T.T.: Stitched emotions.
T.T.: Stitched emotions.
T.T.: Stitched emotions.
Barbara C.: London memories.
Jan B.: Beach memories with friends.
Judith K.-P.: Memories of Japan 1.
Judith K.-P.: Memories of Japan 2.

Karol L.: Memories of the Eastern Shore.
Judy M.: Memories of her grandmother's home. The trees lining the way.
Judy M.: Memories of her grandmother's home. Her grandmother loved to drink coffee and make milkshakes for her grandfather.
In the next post we continue the journey with Mapping Memories. Stay tuned!

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  1. wow...such a variety and the memories precious. Love the coffee cup and milkshake...sublime!