Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Boro and Beyond: The Versatile Running Stitch Part 2

Julie B Booth: Woven sampler detail.
This is the second post about my two-day workshop, Boro and Beyond: The Versatile Running Stitch that was held at Artistic Artifacts.

In the previous post, I talked about how the Running Stitch could be used to explore different types of line and pattern. In today's post, I'll focus on construction, mending and distorting.

Julie B Booth : Boro/mending sampler #1 on patchwork base.
Julie B Booth: Boro/mending sampler #2 on a patchwork base.
I asked the students to make some "bases" or foundations on which to experiment with Running Stitch. These included a patchwork base, a woven base, and a fabric collage base. Most students did the first two types of bases.

Gloria W.: Boro sampler.
Judy G.: Boro sampler.
Kate G.: Boro sampler using heirloom pillow cases.
Kathy F.: Boro sampler
Peggy G.: Boro sampler.
Barbara C.: Woven base.
Gloria W.: Woven base.
Judy G.: Woven base.
Linda M.: Woven base.
Peggy G.: Woven base.
Roxana F.: Woven base.
On these foundations, students stitched and experimented with different ways of patching and mending fabric.

Alice A. working on her Boro sampler.
Alice A.: Boro sampler.
Laurie T working on her Boro sampler.
Laurie T.: Boro sampler.
Linda M.: Boro sampler.
Linda M.: Fabric collage sampler.
I threw in my technique for reverse applique and challenged students with a fabric patch inlay and a floating patch with surface darning.

Barbara C. working on her Boro sampler
Barbara C.: Detail showing surface darning.
Roxana F.: Boro sampler.
Wendy S.: Boro sampler
Later, we played with distorting fabric with the Running Stitch, including a variation on kantha stitching and ruching (gathering) those wonderful sari silk strips!

Julie B Booth: Distorting the fabric with kantha stitch.

Kate G.: Kantha stitch.
Julie B Booth: Ruching (pleating) with sari silk strips.
Kathy F.: Ruching. Silk strips on right were ironed before pleating.
Peggy G.: Rushing with sari silk strips.
This was the first time I taught this workshop and it was great to see the different approaches students took. I was so excited that I went home and continued to stitch! I plan to have more samplers to share and maybe even a few more ideas.

Thanks students for being such an inspiration!!

If you live in the Washington, D.C. area and would like to take this workshop, I am offering it again on January 21 and 22 at Artistic Artifacts in Alexandria, VA.

If you think your fiber group would like to do this two day workshop, please feel free to leave a comment and a way to get in touch.


  1. Wonderful images. Such inspiration! Thanks

    1. A great group! Had a fun time and what results! Hoping you can take it sometime.

  2. It was the first class I took with Julie and it was awesome! Fantastic instructor...Thank you for your patience!

    1. Roxana- It was such a pleasure to have you in class...and some really great pieces...very them!

  3. Wow this is going to take some time looking at each piece...lovely examples here.