Thursday, March 14, 2013

Roy II Reminder: Orange

Just a reminder that we are a week away from another Search for Roy G Biv (the rainbow). This month's color is ORANGE. Hope you will join in the fun!

You'll find the rules here.

I've been alternating between being chained to my laptop and spending innumerable hours in the studio. Hooray! The handouts for my 2-day workshop, A Story in the Making are complete! The samples are in various stages of completion...which is actually not a bad thing as it means that I can demonstrate techniques on them.

Here are some in process:

A note to myself for the future...try to avoid teaching two new workshops two weekends in a row!

My trip to Savannah in a week and a half is looking very inviting, at the moment....


  1. Sorry - I've cheated - well actually I just clicked on the wrong button part way through preparing my post and so published my Roy G Biv contribution a day early ..........! Having done so, I then decided to finish it anyway and reveal all. I will comment properly tomorrow....
    Looking forward to seeing what everyone else has done, having missed February while travelling.

    1. No worries- I'll be sure to include a link to your blog tomorrow when I post my photos.

  2. I too have cheated... so much fun finding orange that I posted way way more than 5 images. Don't feel like you have to include a link to my site if posting too many images is a problem.
    Also - I love your roosters in these creations!

    1. Hi Kim- Our "five photos" is only a guideline...I'm posting 8 this month...kept finding orange! I'm so happy you're playing along and will definitely link to your blog in tomorrow's post. Thanks about the roosters. Do you get my free newsletter (can't remember)? This month's personal note is all about what I learned while preparing for this class (an art project is part of the newsletter as well).