Sunday, March 31, 2013

Seder Table Still Lifes

Here are some snapshots...still lifes really...of the Passover Seder Table.

A look at the table just before we all sat down to start the Seder service. Notice the Seder plate with the ceremonial foods of the holiday. One of the reasons I love Passover is the symbolism behind the foods we eat. I also love the traditions--of getting together with family and friends around the table, of passing the story of the Exodus of the Jewish people from Egypt down from generation to generation as well as the special prayers and songs.

This year, Mom and I decided to go with simple bouquets of spring flowers for the table. We purchased tulips and I snipped some flowering sprigs from the azalea bushes in Mom and Dad's front yard.

I like to think that I channeled my inner-Robbin (and since it's spring, maybe also my inner-robin!) when arranging these spring flowers.

While photographing these simple bouquets, I realized how joyous the colors were. These colors make me happy. I am not normally a fan of pinks but for some reason while looking at these flowers, a smile comes to my face.

Here is dessert, made by my Mom's friend, Sally. Such a beautiful presentation called for a photo. I happen to think that raspberries and rich dark chocolate are the perfect combination (another smile)! They photograph nicely together, as well.

The table is cleared...the holiday candles still burning...another year has passed.

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