Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Buckaroo Dad

This week I'm in Savannah, Georgia visiting with my parents for Passover, but also to see how things are going with them.

Over the years, my parents have collected my art and craft work. When I visit, it is like taking a walk through my artistic history.

Today, I thought I'd focus on one piece I created about 23 years ago. I remember working on it quite clearly as I was also pregnant with my son Aaron. This piece, called Buckaroo Dad, was a gift to my father for his 60th birthday.

Growing up, I spent about 2 weeks of every summer on Cape Cod. I have so many fond memories of this very special place. Both my brother and father have July birthdays so we would always have the Big Birthday Bash up at the Cape with steamers (clams), mussels, lobsters and steak.

Hand painted and stitched details of Dad's portrait.

The image for this piece is from a treasured iconic photograph of my Dad. My grandmother used to have it standing up on one of the side tables in the living room of her apartment. The photograph was a cut-out mounted to wood of my Dad in his favorite cowboy outfit. I love this photograph and after my grandmother died, I inherited it. It now stands on a little side table in my living room.

More details...of those furry chaps!

I'd wanted to take this image and turn it into a stitchery for a while. My Dad's 60th seemed the perfect opportunity. I remember that I didn't have it finished for the actual celebration at the Cape. But, I wrapped it up with a promise to finish it. I managed to get it done before the next big gift for my Dad--his first grandchild!

This stitched portrait now hangs in my parent's kitchen where it greets me on every visit.

My Dad's smiling face..a memory of happier times.


  1. What a wonderful piece of work! So much detail and a lovely story to go with it. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks, Deb. I'm happy that this portrait will be passed down through the generations.

  2. This is such a richly detailed piece! I love all of the different patterns & textures you were able to include - it really has a lot of depth. And, as Deb said, it's so nice to learn the 'story' behind it...
    I hope you enjoyed your visit with your parents.

    1. Thanks, Lisa. It was, very truthfully, a "labor of love"! It was good to see my parents, but also difficult. My Dad has Parkinson's with some dementia. My Mom is his caretaker. It's difficult for all of us, but especially for her to see the deterioration of my Dad...once a brilliant lawyer. I'm trying to visit more often to help out my Mom...but not an easy thing to do when they live rather far away. I'm sure this is all more than you wanted to know! Thanks for asking.

    2. I can only imagine how hard the situation is, on so many levels. I'm sure your parents really look forward to your visits. Buckaroo Dad will always be a nice reminder of happier days...

    3. Thanks, Lisa. I really appreciate your kind words.