Saturday, March 30, 2013

Peace Alphabet: Tracings for Next Letters

Peace alphabet: Letters e and f.

I am way behind in the A Letter A Week 2013 project. I was hoping to find the time to carve some blocks for the Peace alphabet while in Savannah. The carving didn't happen. Time with my parents was more important.

But, I did manage to sneak in time to sketch out tracings of the letters based on sketches from my notebook.

Peace alphabet: Letter g.

I still need to tweak a few of these. I also need to come up with a design for the letter i.

Peace alphabet: Letter h.

Now that I'm home, I plan to work on carving the blocks.

Peace alphabet: Letter j.
Peace alphabet: Letter k.

I'll have more to show by the end of this week.

Peace alphabet: Letter l.

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