Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Story in the Making

Butterflies by Kate G.

I am back home and ready to report on my test drive class of A Story in the Making: Creating Story Cloth in Print and Stitch.

First, let me say, that I had a wonderful group of four adventurous women. As usual, I crammed in way too many techniques, but this group forged ahead...

We may not have made it to the stitching...but what a great beginning to some stories! I only wish that we could have had a couple of more days...well maybe next time...

The gelatin printing seemed to be a hit, as I knew it would. I am a big fan of that technique as a way to open up students to experimentation. I was not disappointed!

Gelatin prints by Judy G.
Gelatin print by Judy G.
Gelatin print by Parvin S.
Gelatin prints by Margaret M.
Gelatin print by Margaret M.
We then added block printing and stenciling to our backgrounds.

Block prints on knotted resist by Kate G.
Block prints on salted fabric by Kate G.
Freezer paper stencil and printing on wipe up cloth by Kate G.
Freezer paper stencils by Judy G.
Adhesive-backed craft foam print on gelatin print by Parvin S.
Block printing by Margaret M.
Adhesive-backed craft foam block prints and gelatin prints by Margaret M.

My students have promised to send photos of what they do with their fabrics. I'm looking forward to seeing more.


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    1. It was fun! I always worry a bit when teaching a new class. As usual, too much planned and not enough time. But...I was so pleased with the results from the students...each heading in her own direction...telling her own story.