Thursday, March 21, 2013

Searching for Roy G Biv II: Orange Updated

Carrots from Golden Harvest in Kittery, Maine.

It's been a crazy month so I had to go to the archives for my ORANGE.

Heirloom gourds from the local farm stand.
Red peppers from the Farmer's Market outside of the Ferry Building in San Francisco.
Pumpkins also from the Farmer's Market, San Francisco.

I seem to have a thing about produce!

Just a few more photos for a bit of variety.

Nasturtium, Portsmouth, New Hampshire.
The iconic Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.
Andy Warhol from the Modern Art Museum in San Francisco.
Yardage I designed and printed for Caos on F Gallery.

Looking forward to seeing your ORANGE this month. Leave me a comment, and I will link to your photos. If you don't have a blog, website or Flickr page, send me an email and I'll post your photos here. Just a reminder that I will continue to update this post through Saturday midnight (or add a supplement in another post).

Here is the ORANGE Challenge Fabric. It fits with this month's produce theme. The background texture is made from a lentil block and the blue shapes are carved grapefruit rind. I'll be drawing names on Sunday morning for the lucky winner. Remember, you have to play in order to be eligible for the drawing.

For more ORANGE, check out my cohort, Jennifer Coyne Qudeen's blog.

Take a look at the variety of ORANGES over at Charlton Stitcher. Love that stash of fabrics!.

Be sure to stop by Kim Henkel's blog, Letting in the Light  for some very artful ORANGES.

Maya at Million Little Stitches has some wild ORANGE.  

Lisa at arzigogolare is experimenting with copper wire (close enough to ORANGE for me!). The freesias have made it into a beautiful bouquet of ORANGES  and pinks. 

Deb at salt-bush-stitch was out and about for her ORANGES.

Be sure to visit Susan's blog to see all the marvelous close-up ORANGES.


  1. Those wonderful carrots and lovely little pumpkins had me reaching for a cooking pot - luscious!

    1. I admit that I was surprised at how crunchy those carrots looked in my photo. Wouldn't mind biting into one right now (lunch time!).

  2. Hi Julie, I have posted my ORANGE finds on my blog. I enjoyed searching for them. I need to think more about tints and shades.

    1. Thanks for playing, Deb. Loved the trip about your neighborhood to view all the oranges.

  3. The Roy G Biv search is great. I so enjoy seeing the many different versions of each color. My orange Roy G Biv is here:

  4. Those sweet little pumpkins are GORGEOUS (as is your fabric)!
    I finally got my 'real' ORANGE photos posted - as always, lots of fun, especially since I love orange...

  5. I just came over from your link in the sidebar on ALAW - partially to find out what Roy G Biv meant! Over here in the UK they seem to have 2 versions of remembering the rainbow colours.
    " Richard of York gained battle in vain."
    or if you grew up in York-like my DH, it is "Roundtrees of York gives best in value." Roundtrees being a chocolate factory now owned by Nestle.
    I grew up in America, but don't recall being taught a way to remember the colours.
    Sandy in the UK

    1. Hi Sandy- I'd never heard the UK versions of how to remember the interesting! Thanks for sharing...perhaps you'd like to join in next month with yellow?