Monday, December 3, 2012

Day 3: Wrapping with White

Last night, after spending hours looking at gift books on Amazon, I finally made my way back down to the studio.

I unwrapped all the pieces of pottery I purchased on Friday and set them out on my printing table. I then started measuring and cutting squares of white cotton.

My paint and print some Furoshiki cloths for wrapping up these beautiful pieces of pottery. For those of you unfamiliar with the concept, Furoshiki is the Japanese art of using squares of fabric to wrap things. You may want to take a look at the November 24 Issue of Julie B Booth Surface Design News, along with the December 1 Extra Issue for more information, including a few recommended books.

Before getting to the painting and printing, I wanted to be sure I cut the correct square sizes for the various bowls and teacups. After a little trial and error, I worked out the sizes for three gifts.

As I was shooting the photos for this post, I had a duh moment! Here I was taking some perfect shots for this month's extension of the Searching for Roy G Biv Challenge! Yes, Jennifer and I are extending the fun and on the third Thursday of this month (December 20) we encourage those of you who are playing along to post photos of White. I'll be saving some shots of these wraps for that date.


  1. So funny! I was thinking that these shots would be great for this month's Roy G Biv extension when I came to where you had the same idea....great minds and all that!

    It's feeling a bit spring-ish here today with temps in the low 50's. Is it possible to have spring fever in winter? If so, I feel a case coming on...even if only for the day. Still, there's an idea for white on white that has been nudging at my creative mind and is positively screaming to be investigated today. I'll open the windows and let the spring like air play in the studio too.


    1. Had to enjoy this December spring inside at Star's. But we did open the door and window to get a bit of fresh air. Funny, I thought white would be a hard "color" but I am finding it all around...just have to keep an open mind and eye. Looking forward to your white.