Saturday, December 1, 2012

Day 1: Advent-ure

It's a crazy time of year but I decided to challenge myself. I've been noticing that with each passing month, I have fewer and fewer posts. So this month, I am offering an advent calendar of sorts. I'm going to attempt to post at least a photo a day.

Growing up Jewish, I didn't have an actual advent calendar of my own. But some of my friends did. I just loved how each day they would open a little paper door or window and behind it would be a little surprise. Usually, it was just a cheery little drawing, but nonetheless, it seemed like a wondrous thing to look forward to. Let's just say that I will try my best to provide you with some little surprise each day.

Last night was Artfete at The Art League School. It was great fun. I arrived early and had lunch with my friend Kathy then off to shop for ceramics at the Ceramics Sale. I bought some beautiful pieces and I'm so looking forward to giving them as gifts (and maybe keeping a few for myself!). I will be sure to post some photos in the coming days.

Here I am in front of some of my printed fabrics.
More of my fabrics on display.

The rest of the day entailed helping with set up. I was in charge of the displays in the Fiber room. I also managed to get talked into giving a demonstration that evening. It turned out to be a blast! In the past, I would stand by my table of samples and talk about my classes. Giving the demo made so much more sense and I ended up in some very engaging conversations. One woman seemed so smitten with the idea that just about anything could be turned into a print block, she was just overwhelmed with the possibilities! She happily took my class schedule and I am hoping that she will become a future student.

There were other demos taking place as well as a fashion show. Sorry to say that the room where the fashion show was taking place was very dark and crowded, so no photos. I was soon back to my demo table.

Denise V. demonstrating silk painting.
A design by Candy Edgerley using thermofax screens.
Fleece roving ready to be spun.

As I was demoing, I got caught up in a couple of print block combinations. I'm a sucker for eyes! It was fun making some spontaneous designs. Hmm...maybe some larger pieces of fabric with eye motifs in my future?


  1. What a gorgeous array of fabrics you had on display! I'm especially drawn to the ones with the deep, rich colors (i.e. with the leaf patterns). And the red/white/blue ones make me think of summer (and July 4th).
    Looking forward to seeing your daily posts this month...

    1. Hi Lisa- Thanks for your comments. That leaf cloth went through several stages until I was finally happy with it. On the other hand the red, white and blue eyes were a spontaneous event...I found it to be such a fun evening and I guess that was reflected in those printed pieces.