Thursday, December 6, 2012

Day 6: Golden Moon Furoshiki

I decided to try something different with this Furoshiki wrap. I went a bit minimalist.

This wrap is for the ceramic bowl with the Kintsugi moon.

I decided to play off the golden moon motif using freezer paper masks and stencils along with some printing with hot glue and adhesive craft foam blocks.

I think this was quite successful as a technique.

I will probably be switching gears in the next few days. Maybe a few more of these wraps but I now have to focus on some book proposal project samples.


  1. Minimalist rules! know me...the minimalist holds a certain appeal.

    Book proposal project samples, hmmm? Any news yet?

    1. I DO like how this one came out. Would like to do a few more along this vein.