Friday, December 7, 2012

Day 7: How to Do a Furoshiki Purse Wrap

Here's one more wrap and this time I'm giving a step-by-step. This is a Secured Purse wrap and I read about it in the book, Furoshiki Fabric Wraps: Simple-Reusable-Beautiful by Pixieladies.

The design on this fabric was created by two layers of printing with a spaghetti block (see Julie B Booth Surface Design News Issue #6 for more info) and then a knotted resist.

To do this wrap, place your fabric with the painted/printed side facing up. Turn your square of fabric so that is oriented like a diamond. Think of the points as a compass with the point at the bottom being the south point.

Fold the south and north points together.

Grab the fabric about a third of the way from the east point and make an overhand knot.

Do the same thing with the west point.

Turn inside out.

Place the bowl inside.

Take the two ends and make one half of a square knot (right over left) and pull tight.

Twist the two ends.

Make a small square knot at the top to make a handle.

Pretty nifty huh?

Today, The Bead Goes On is doing a trunk show at Star's Beads. I'm bringing my camera along (and my check book, as well!).


  1. Nice furoshiki wrapping tutorial. Please checkout the Furoshiki Forum if you get a chance! :)

  2. this is beautiful
    what size of cloth did you start with?

    1. Hi Tammie Lee-glad you like the cloth! I believe it was an 18" square.