Saturday, December 22, 2012

Day 22:: Pam's Gift

Well, it is December 22 and the world has not yet come to an end.

Last night, while preparing for my trip to New Jersey, I suddenly realized that I hadn't yet opened up the package from my wonderful friend and fellow fiber artist, Pam S.

Every year, Pam and I buy small cups or bowls for each other. My collection grows every year and I cherish every piece I receive from Pam. This year is no exception, as you can see!

I love this beautiful WHITE cup with the subtle red stripes!

I'll be picking names from the hat tomorrow for the Challenge fabric.


  1. Hey Julie -- Happy you like your small vessel this year! Have a safe trip and enjoy the rest of the holidays.

    1. Hi Pam- so good to hear from you! YES, I love this new edition to my collection. Hope my pkg arrived (it should have by now). Have a wonderful Christmas and a creative New Year!