Thursday, December 20, 2012

Searching for Roy G Biv Challenge: White

We are continuing beyond Violet this month with a special challenge to find WHITE.

Paper dress. Parisian window display.

Hope you'll join in the fun by posting up to five WHITE photos on your blog, website or Flickr page and leaving a comment here. I will continue to update this post throughout the day with a link to your photos. If you do not have a blog, website or Flickr page and still wish to play along, I will be happy to post your photos. Leave a comment with your email address and I will be in touch.

And here is the Challenge Fabric you will have the opportunity to win by participating...

This is a sample from my explorations printing with recycled gift wrap. You can find out more about how I did this in Issue #8 of Julie B Booth Surface Design News, my free online newsletter.

The Challenge will continue until midnight, Saturday, December 22 Eastern Time USA. Drawing for the Challenge fabric will be on Sunday, December 23.

Also be sure to visit Jennifer's blog for more WHITE.

Fiona at Paper Ponderings revisits Peace with a beautiful WHITE dove and a meaningful message.

Mary Jane reminds us that nature and its cycles have much to teach us with her lovely, subtle WHITE enameled moon earrings. 

Ersi has an amazing variety of WHITES (her color) from snowy village scenes, to swirling fractal designs to her own sensitive work with paper and cloth. 

Lisa at Arzigogolare has a spectacular display of  WHITE and shadow. She seems to have emptied her cupboards and set the contents  in the winter light. The ever changing shadows on her white ceramic cups and dishes are quite beautiful.

Tammie Lee at Spirit Helpers has some frosty WHITES...

Here are a selection of WHITES from Joan... 

Dogwood in Joan's yard.
Great Falls, Virginia
Lincoln Memorial
Lighthouse, St Michael's, Maryland


  1. The paper dress and the knotted fabric are my favourites but all these shots are great! So is the challenge fabric :)

    Just posted my shots for the challenge too: Thank you, Julie!

    1. I found a series of paper dresses in a window in Paris 2 years ago.. makes me want to try my hand at one! I really enjoyed your variety of whites.

  2. Hi Julie,
    What an amazing range of textures & materials for your 'white' collection! And I love your fabric for this month - the design/pattern has such a lovely hand-drawn quality.
    I finally posted my whites too:
    Thanks again for the inspiration!

    1. Thank you Lisa. At first, I thought white might be difficult. Now, I only wish I had more time to explore it...perhaps after the holidays. Enjoyed your post...the light on your dishes is quite beautiful. Looking forward to the additional photos.