Friday, November 30, 2012

Getting ready for Artfete

I had a fun visit in the studio with Maria yesterday. Although, the camera was handy, we got so involved that I forgot to take photos!

To thank me Maria brought lunch, including her famous Swedish ginger snaps! O.M.G....yum!

Today, I'm taking the day off from working at Star's Beads and heading down to Alexandria, Virginia for Artfete (formerly ArtFest). This is a wonderful annual event given by The Art League School to celebrate the work of teachers and features teacher and student work. There is the annual Ceramics Sale (a personal favorite!), Jewelry Sale and for the first time this year, a fiber fashion show. Of course there is lots of yummy food and live music. This is also an opportunity for teachers to mingle with prospective students, show samples of class work and hopefully drum up enrollment.

Every year, I go down early. I shop for gifts at the Ceramics Sale and spend the afternoon helping with set up. I'm bringing lots of class samples hoping to entice people to take some of my classes.

I'm bringing my camera and this time hope to remember to use it!!!


  1. You're making me homesick, you know, with all the talk of what's happening in Old Town right now. Bad Julie! Ha! Wish I was there to tag along. Have fun!

    1. Lots of fun last night. I'm exhausted. Got roped into a demonstration...which was great though the band was playing next door and I'm surprise that I'm not completely hoarse today! Wish you could have tagged along too...