Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Thank You, Friend

Thank you blog mentor...
I have been negligent...I received your fabric gift a few days ago and haven't made an official declaration of thanks! How wonderful to finally own a rusted beauty.

Initial impression...the colors are so much softer, really lovely muted colors...not my loud color palette...but a subtle one that I can fully appreciate.

Then, as I was unwrapping your fabric gift...voila! Hidden inside a brightly covered journal, The Being There Diary...where every day it asks, "What was the very best moment of your day?"

Clearly, the very best moment of that day was receiving your gift.

Thank you, friend.


  1. You are most welcome! The diary for your mom is on it's way...should be there soon.

    1. It just came in the mail..haven't opened the pkg yet.
      Thanks so much, I'm sure she'll love it!