Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Line in the Sand

This is the line in the sand...the Great Wall...the territorial divide.

Yes...it is a sofa.

Behind this sofa lies my studio...my wonderful work table, my shelving units loaded with fabric, paints, beads, tools, print blocks and even my little photo corner...my little slice of heaven...and for approximately nine months of the year... a very private place to work.

What about those other three months, you may ask?

That is summer break, when the area in front of the sofa...the part with the TV...becomes my undergrad son's pad.

You see, before he went off to school, this room...then called The Family Room...was his private lair. His hang out for playing video games and being with his buds (friends, not the beer!).

Last summer, we seemed to have a fairly easy truce and division of territory. It was new to both of us. I hadn't had the studio set up for that long and was just getting used to calling part of the room my own.

This summer is different. I've had a whole year and a half of working hard in my space. I even ventured into the no-man's-land in front of the sofa. It became my official fabric drying area and place to pack up for classes.

Now I'm back behind the sofa and feeling a bit hemmed in.

My son is courteous, he's quiet, he puts his ear buds in and plays his computer games. But he is also a bit more social this summer. As a mom, I'm thrilled to see him enjoying time with friends (after all, he is a quiet kind of guy). But, his having friends over (especially when it becomes a sleep over) means I can't easily be in the studio...Well let's face it...I just won't be in there. In my mind, that's just stepping over the privacy line with my son. And no way does a cool mom such as myself want to be seen as the mom in the back of the room looking over my son's shoulder and listening to his private conversations with friends.

So, I started doing a little research on the Internet...and I think I may be onto something..

 Seventy-two inches wide and seventy inches high, can be easily taken apart and stored away during those other nine months.

Not sure if it will resolve the Mom-in-same-room-as-friends issue. But it could give us both a bit more privacy. Not a bad price either!


  1. That's just priceless! Have you ordered the divider yet? Hang white fabric over it and it can also serve as your display wall, drying wall, what if wall, look at what I made wall...

    Since he has earphones/buds to listen with, I'm wondering if you do as well? I used to love loading a recorded book on my Nano [baby iPod] to listen to while weaving away at the TF.

    Good luck this summer!

    1. Haven't ordered yet...probably today...but then he was so sweet last night and wanted to know what I wanted to watch with him on TV, while I finished up the orange fabrics...