Thursday, June 21, 2012

Searching for Roy G Biv Challenge: ORANGE

Skidaway Island, Georgia
Seed bead hanks from Star's Beads, Ltd.
This one's for you, Jennifer! Skidaway Island, Georgia
I know it's not all orange but I loved the play of colors between the flowers, stems and leaves. Skidaway Island, Georgia
My orange challenge fabric: Printed adhesive craft foam and hot glue block with nature printing
 Looking forward to seeing lots of ORANGE today! Remember if you play, you are eligible for this orange challenge fabric. Post your orange photos and leave a comment here by midnight Saturday, June 22 Eastern time USA. I will continue to update this post to link to your blog, website or Flickr page (or if you are emailing me photos, will post them here).

The drawing for the ORANGE fabric above and for my RED cat fabric below will be made on Sunday, June 23.

Be sure to check out Jennifer's blog to see her orange too! Jennifer is offering some of her beautiful rusted fabric if you can correctly guess her orange by midnight, Saturday Eastern time USA.

Fiona of Paper Ponderings has a lovely orange poppy.

If you want to be dazzled by orange (Italian orange at that!) visit Lisa  at arzigogolare.

Here are some photos I received via email from my friend Joan. She's been spending time in her garden. It is definitely lily time here in Northern Virginia.


  1. Hi Julie,

    I found your blog via Jennifer's, and your challenge has inspired me to participate this month as well:

    Your fabrics are gorgeous!

    1. Hi Lisa-
      Thanks so much for playing with us! I'll be sure to send a link to your photos. And thanks for the comment about my fabrics...who might own one by Sunday (when I draw names out of my husband's baseball cap)!