Thursday, June 7, 2012

Exploring Surface Design Spring 2012 Wrap Up Part 1

Acoatzin Torres: Block printing over cut freezer paper mask

Last night was the final session of the spring Exploring Surface Design class.

There was much experimentation and layering of techniques during this class. I've decided to highlight what was accomplished with a gallery of each student's work.

Here is the work of Acoatzin Torres:

Bound resist
Folded resist
Printed wheat flour paste over painted background
Nature printing and block printing with blue glue gel
Block printing with blue glue gel
Brayer rubbings with blue glue gel
Two painted scarves with salt technique

Here is the work of Kathy Perrin:

Torn freezer paper mask with transparent paint
Knotted resist
Bound resist
Wheat flour "scratch and crackle" over monoprinted background
Final project: Painted blouse
Final project: Painted blouse
Tomorrow's gallery will include the work of Keith Ryder and Sheryle Yount.
Great work students!

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