Friday, June 8, 2012

Exploring Surface Design Spring 2012 Wrap Up Part 2

Keith Ryder: Shiva Paintstiks over wipe-up cloth

Below are fabrics completed in the spring session of Exploring Surface Design by Keith Ryder and Sheryle Yount.

The work of Keith Ryder:
Salt resist
Torn freezer paper masks with transparent paint
Folded resist
Brayer rubbings and stenciling over blue glue resist
Block printing over printed wheat flour resist
Wheat flour "crackle" over knotted resist
Block printing over cut freezer paper mask
The work of Sheryle Yount:
Stenciling with doily over sun printed fabric
Multiple layers of printing and painting over blue glue gel resist
Multiple layers of printing and stenciling over blue glue gel resist
T-shirt detail: Block printing over wheat flour resist "crackle"
Block printing over brayer rubbing
Block printing and stenciling
Blue glue gel with cut freezer paper mask


  1. So...what have YOU been doing this week? Any more experiments with weeds to report? Update Skype yet? Just asking...

    1. I've been busy teaching!!!
      Have another workshop tomorrow. Aaron just got home. I have to clean up my studio...
      I actually have an idea I want to try on Sunday...I'll report back with what happens...